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Putting down roots

We've had a lot of changes in our family lately which has been exciting!

First of all, we have number of additions to our hobby farm: Jessie and Pinky are two Ingham Hisex chooks who live in Ben's home-made 'Taj Mah-Chook'. Ben spent about a month making it, all on his own....except for one Saturday when I helped him for a bit. Whilst it was mostly successful, I managed to slam the wire cutters shut on my thumb creating a huge blood blister! I gave up after that. Ben can make a chook cage for a month, but get me near tools for 30 mins and I injure myself! Sheesh!

So, we're very excited to have the chookies and Jessie's started laying already!

I lost my beloved Fendi sunglasses from Saks in New York, a special gift from my husband during our trip to the USA last year. They're probably now in someone else's handbag, been worn on someone else's face.....I know it seems like a stupid thing to be so upset about, but it's like losing a ring or special pa…