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Weeping for Motherhood

Seriously, if any post has a foul swear word in it, especially from a mum - it's not going to be worth reading. Just in my humble opinion.

I was shocked and saddened and angered to read a post shared by my friend on Facebook this morning. A mum was having a bad day and it involved some pretty serious stuff like accidentally breaking her finger and very ungrateful children, but it also involved some pretty shocking parenting.

Yep - I just wrote that. Call me judgemental, but that's what I think.

She's clearly a parent with less-than-average skills who's swallowed the line that the children are in charge and she's just hanging on for dear life as they roll on their merry way.

Well, sorry.

I'm calling it.

I'm tired of foul-mouthed, weak parents who refuse to take charge of their own children and attempt to work on various strategies with the behaviour, attitude or whatever the issue is until it's fixed. Good parents don't stop until the issue is sorted and e…

The Voyage - Part I

Lately, the sea of wife-ing, mothering, homeschooling and Maya-ing has been tempestuous around me. Clinging in my little dinghy (or it seems like a dinghy, but with the amount of washing and toys in here, it's really probably a ship!), I've been battling a headwind of anxiety that's slowly increased from gentle breeze to gale.

The sun's shone in most parts and I've enjoyed the refreshing squall of finding out that we're expecting another baby to join us in December. It gave me the chance to stop in surprise and enjoy a sudden change! I've been battling massive waves as well - swamping, swallowing waves that have crashed into my vessel. Homeschooling keeps me on my toes, constantly adjusting to the rolling deck, but combined with the crashing waves, I've spent a lot of time clinging to the mast, wet through and simply unable to do anything more than mumble prayers!

Let me tell you about those waves that have crashed into me lately. First, my Dad passed awa…