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SPLAT!!.....ouch! Well, look at that - I've hit the wall.......

I'm a bit shocked that my last entry here was a whole month ago! Wow!

But so much has happened since then you'll need to excuse me :).

We are FINALLY, after 16 months of planning, in our new home! It's SO delightful. I'll tell the story behind it in another post one day, but it's a story of God's complete and unstinting faithfulness to our family.

Anyway. We moved house. Again.....but for the last time! And now I'm sitting in bed (yes, BEDDDDD!!) at 11:30 on a Wednesday morning because I'm sick. My body has completely packed up from all the packing, lifting, cleaning, etc I've been doing since October 12th! I've learned from six years of mothering to recognise that getting sick means TAKE A REST, GIRL! So, I am. Master J is down for an early nap and Miss N is asleep in the car (it's no longer my policy to wake babies up when they're asleep in the car if I can help's taken me four babies to realise this. Oh well.) and …