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Home School - The First Week

Our first week of home schooling has flown by.....and I have to get on here and tell you all about it because it's so jolly fantastic that I feel like I'm going to burst if I don't get it out and tell you!

This year, instead of doing DE (Distance Education), we are registering with the HEU (Home Education Unit) and I am writing our learning program. I have had an absolute blast writing the children's learning plans for this year. It hasn't been easy - no way! I've had to work hard and concentrate and give up sleep. But overall, I feel very satisfied with what I've put together.

A week in, it appears to be working!
So when thinking about writing the plan, I thought about life and the priorities in life for our family. In my head, I compiled a list of things, in order or priority:

1. Knowing Jesus Christ, God and the Bible. Prayer and Christian life. 2. Living out those principles - fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22), etc. 3. English and Mathematics 4. Mu…

A Conversation with Dr Mark Robinson MP

So yesterday on Vision Radio, Robbo and Becki were discussing politics with Dr Mark Robinson, the State MP for Cleveland - now Oodgeroo - electorate. Dr Robinson is a Christian who is not afraid to stand up for Christian values in our state parliament. It's desperately needed with the current political and social climate in Australia which is getting further and further away from Australian Christian heritage and what has made our country the fantastic place that it is. He's also a father-of-seven which clearly means he's a great person, too!

Dr Robinson was taking questions from listeners, so I took the opportunity to ask him about something I have been noticing amongst my friends and family in regard to politics. How does one person or one family engage with politics and their political representatives to make sure that their voices are heard?

Many of my friends, particularly busy mums like me find it difficult to know what to do to to engage with their political represent…

Horses and Home Schooling

Horses and a home school get-together were two very much enjoyed activities the other day. My sweet Nature Girl (7 next week) is an avid horse-lover - no idea where she gets that from, of course - and it was great to finally get her on a horse to enjoy a real ride. She's sat on a horse previously and we had a very in-depth conversation about whether it was actually a 'ride' considering the horse took one step while she sat bareback aside the horse.
To get to our destination for the morning, we took a little scenic tour around near Pittsworth which doubled the time it took to drive there. It was very quiet in the car with only two of my girls....I was a bit worried they were asleep!
We finally arrived and they had their first ride.
Interestingly, Nature Girl was the first to ride, even though Little Leader volunteered to go first. Little Leader said "Yep! I'll go first!", put her helmet on and walked with me around beside the pony - but then she realised just how…

Home School Heaven

I'm just back from a blissful 48 hours in the Bunya Mountains with my friends from the 'hood: the home school motherhood, that is.

After a gorgeous time reading, talking, eating healthy food, doing a workout (yes, I'm sore!), talking, napping, knitting, talking and talking some more, I came up with a list of things I would like to do to improve my entire life. 

Then I will thereby obtain a sweet spot of juicy, snarky blissfulness rarely achieved by home school mums....or any mums for that matter. My theory is I can aim for this sweet spot and enjoy the twisty turns on the way to the destination that will probably end up in an entirely opposite place to what I intended - perfection.
More likely, my destination will end up with me on my knees literally and figuratively, crying out to God. Ugly crying. Not pretty, drippy tears. Retreating to my Bible to remind myself of God's promises that He is always with me (Joshua 1:9) and He will never leave me (Isaiah 41:10) and that H…