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How I learned to love housework

I'm SO excited to find this fantastic blog.....I've only checked out the birth control and motherhood links so far, but she's right on the money. Check it out if you want to learn how to have joy!

How I learned to love housework by Jennifer Fulwiler

"I just a-wanna be.....a woman..."

I love the song by Portishead 'Glory Box'. I have no idea what it means or what the lyrics are. I just like the sound. And the bit where she breathes, "I just a-wanna be.....a woman..."

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about what it means to be a woman. I grew up really confused about what a woman was supposed to be like.

Dolly had an article once that had a bit in it about how guys 'don't like girls to be like one of the boys'. That confused me big time. So, I'm meant to throw out  my skirts, get angry/loud/bossy, 'contribute to society' by having a career and making lots of money, do what the boys do (eg, play footy) but I'm not to be like a boy. Huh? Being a girl when I was a teenager (not THAT long ago, ok??) meant wearing a very short skirt and enough eye make up to make me look like I lost a fight with the black Crayola!

At that stage in my life, I had no Bible knowledge and no wholesome teaching or guidance to fall back …

In Which Julie Learns The Meaning of The Word BEGIN

I can write about this now because I'm somewhat refreshed, thanks to my gorgeous husband who has sent me to bed early this week, made me a bath and has stepped in to help out around the house.

I've been a bit tired lately - I usually cook myself fried rice or scrambled eggs with veggies/leftover meat for lunch each day as I'm sensitive to gluten and milk so I can't have sandwiches. This doesn't seem like a big thing, but when you do the school run, get a few loads of wash out, get the toddler to eat, put the toddler in his bed for a sleep and feed the baby - it's hard to fit in cooking a hot meal.

So when I get tired, I don't really eat all that much. I've stopped eating conventional breakfast food recently. I'm a big breakfast fan and I believe if we all sat down to a HUGE breakky every day we'd hardly need to eat for the rest of the day. Well, it works in theory. The reality is that I'm so tired and busy in the mornings that I can barely eat…

More Lawson News

Our new home is almost ready! I am just about beside myself with excitement....and I don't mind this little house we're in (an old farmhouse next to the weir in Oakey) BUT I can't wait to have my own bathroom where my toothpaste and toothbrush will remain unmolested by little fingers......I can't wait to have my oven OFF THE FLOOR for the first time in 10 years and actually inside the kitchen, as opposed to outside the U-shaped bench we have here.....I can't wait to live inside walls that are insulated.....I'm so excited to be a house where I can't see the ground through gaps in the floor......and I can't wait, above all, to unpack all of our belongings and FINALLY be organised - I'm starting to get really tired of seeing all my belongings strewn throughout our house in boxes.....

I reckon this is God's way of reminding me to be thankful for our new home!

The house should be completed by Sept 26th, but then we have to have inspections and the ha…

Above Rubies Devotional on The Garden Home