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(Trying to be a) Fit Mama

I had a mini-win at PT today.

I've been doing PT weekly-ish since July this year. I'm not a gym person and if it hadn't been for my friend recently finishing her training to become a PT, I probably wouldn't have tried it. I'm a bit tight with money and I don't like the idea of paying someone to do what you (should) be able to do at home!

Well, I never did any exercise at home and the situation was getting bad. In an attempt to curb my anxiety/depression as well as actually use my private health insurance, I began to see my amazing friend and PT once a week. I justified the cost with the private health insurance rebates and also supporting a woman who has been through so much and sets an incredible example of fitness and health.

To see her story, you'll need to check out Better Yourself Personal Training on Facebook. It's inspirational, trust me.

So, there I have been: weak, tired, anxious with occasional bouts of depression. I know that I don't look lik…

The Wardrobe Experiment

A while ago, I saw a blog where a very swish inner-city mum with one son let him dress her for a week. Cute, right?

Well, I don't live in the city and I'm definitely not swish. Nor do I have one son.....but I did think it was a cool idea. My children are always correcting my outfits to their tastes and my eldest daughter (let's call her Sparkles), has a particular interest in styling clothes and outfits.

Here's her styling of her younger sister with one of our dress-up dresses:

Pretty clever, huh?

So, on Monday this week I decided to let Sparkles choose my outfit. This is her and I with the outfit she chose:

Matching outfits, of course.
The skirt is a heavy handkerchief skirt that I love.....and combined with the black/white top, I felt very fancy going birthday shopping with the family in my (low) heels and dressy outfit! Normally when I'm shopping (even when I don't have the family with me), I walk fast. Maybe I'm trying to get the most out of my time out? When…