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I don't feel like sharing.....

OK, I'll admit it.

I'm having blog withdrawals.

Mainly, it's my late pregnancy thing that I usually get. Feeling big, tired and odd.

My husband's away for five weeks. I'm OK. I've been blessed with beautiful helpers who are coming to stay with me to help me care for my family while he's away. I'm loving having them around. But I'm not enjoying my man being away. I'm not upset, just not enjoying it.

We're in the midst of making big decisions and my brain is tired from the strain of always weighing up consequences and possibilities.

Nothing is comfortable. Even though this is 'home', I feel odd. Out of sorts. Misplaced. Nothing fits and nothing seems right.

Staying busy is helping and I think my nesting instinct is kicking in (oh, alright, lets face it - I pretty much nest all the time!) so I'm organising, tidying, fluttering around watering plants, seeing to chooks, baking or researching stuff on the net (no, seriously researching…

It's been a while....

.......I've not had time to blog lately: I was busy and now I'm just tired! 'Twinkle' is due in less than 8 weeks (whether we actually see 'Twinkle' on time is another matter - my babies are always late!) and I'm starting to feel reeeeeeeally big. I waddle. It's a big deal to pick up stuff off the floor and bath children!

I've been having a bit of a pity party, as well, to be honest. My man goes away for five weeks on Monday and while he's home on weekends, he'll be doing a very intense course! I'm rather jealous for his attention, so I always hate it when he goes away and does something interesting or intense.

My three year old is driving me crazy. He does the silliest things. Last night he was squeezing toothpaste out onto his finger and wiping it on the toilet roll next to the toilet. Seriously. WHY? He hasn't figured out poos go in the toilet yet but he's generally OK with wees. Every day is starting to feel like a slog with …