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As Night Dawns

I love being strong
I love being busy
My days are long

Sometimes in strife
Under attack
For awareness of life

Politeness around
Nothingness done
Heads in the ground

Well, good


The one whom I love
By my side
Like a dove

Shelter He brings
Strength and grace
In His wings

Till dawn finally breaks
And at last
See His face

Until then work is set
Compass swings, turns
Sights up high, do your best


Baby at my feet

When I was young and I used to day dream about being married and having babies and keeping house, there was one idea that alway stuck in my mind that I liked the best. I was reminded of it today because I actually did it!

I used to imagine that I'd be hanging out the washing.....with a chubby baby sitting in the pram or on the grass babbling away near my legs while I worked. Then, I'd imagine making dinner.....with a gorgeous little chubster on my hip, pointing at different things and exclaiming.

There was just this recurring theme of having a baby sitting at my feet, a gorgeous round little upturned face with full little eyes that saw only me, the mummy.

So, over the years, I've worked out that having babies around your feet isn't always the most comfortable (or safe) thing. But occasionally, I'll realise that I'm doing it! I'm living my day dreams from so long ago...... Miss Neve sat on the floor while I folded the washing and we had a nice chat. I…

I just HAD to write about this: my other favourite subject!

Before you read my post, you need to read the article up for discussion on this blog:

......isn't it a HOOT?! :D

So, since I'm a bit of a fan of sex (hey - you don't have four babies in five-and-a-half years because you're a fan of Scrabble!), I just wanted to comment on it - because some parts I agree with and some I don't.

Firstly, the bit about 'not pressuring him into stimulating intimacy' - whatever. I think it's a huge blessing to a husband when his wife gives him the come-on, rather than him always having to ask!

Secondly, I'm pretty sure God made sex for mutual enjoyment and I'm pretty sure, after reading Julie Sibert's wonderful blog (, that men prefer their wives to enjoy sex, too. So, 'registering your reluctance by silence' and making a …

The Truth about Mr Darcy....and other stuff....

Y'know what I love about Mr Darcy?

No, it's not a trick question! I love that bit in 'Pride and Prejudice' when he says that he abhors disguises and always seeks to tell the truth. This is proven later in the narrative when his sister, Georgiana, says that it is indeed so to Lizzie when she suggests that Mr Darcy may have over estimated her pianoforte playing abilities.

Mr Darcy comes across at first as rude, arrogant and fairly well up himself........but as the story progresses, we find that he is indeed a truthful, kind and honourable man. He just tells it how it is! Although he loses a few friends (or good opinions from some groups of people, such as Mr. Wickham's friends), he ends the story with a gorgeous, witty wife, great friends and the honour of being swooned over by zillions of women throughout history.

It may cost him some small discomforts along the way, but in the end, truth and honour win with much better long term benefits.

I want to be like that!

I want …