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Women in Queensland

I happened to pick up a glossy copy of the Queensland Government's 'Strategy for Women 2016-2021' at my local library the other day, knowing it'd be good for a laugh - or a cry.

Flipping through the pages that had no-doubt cost the tax-payer a lot, I wasn't surprised to see the usual lines and half-truths about women, men and our society.

So here's my rebuttal to this glib and smarmy document that has a few myths and lies in amongst the admittedly admirable noble ideas of aiming for the empowerment, safety and appreciation of Queensland women.

1. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says in her message ".....there is still much work to be done as we move towards a society where gender equality truly exists."

Um, no. Much work has been done in the past (giving women the right to vote, allowing women to be paid the same amount as men for doing exactly the same job, etc). We're now in a place where men are suffering too, and often worse than women. Male suicide…

Brendan Malone - Church and State Summit 2018

Brendan Malone instantly caught my interest because he has five children. Us families with more than 2.5 children need to stick together, haha! Second of all, he is the media representative for Focus on the Family in New Zealand. I love Focus on the Family and all they do, so I was immediately interested!

Now, Brendan spoke a lot over the summit and his talk on euthanasia I found very difficult to listen to. It was quite harrowing. However, first I'd like to write about his first topic and work through them chronologically.

First up, Mr Malone talked about EFFECTIVISM. It's not a 'real' word and I have a little wiggly red line underneath it as I sit here typing in my Blogger dashboard! Basically, Mr Malone's point was that we need to be an 'effectivist' rather than an 'activist' - ie. put our energy into activities that will be effective and not waste our precious time. So, be effective. Think about what you do and what you're putting your energy …

Opening Night at Church and State Summit

John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party was the first speaker at Church and State Summit for 2018 - and my favourite speaker at the summit.

Shamefully, I realised that I'd put him in the 'gentleman' basket, but hadn't realised how intelligent and eloquent he is. Duh - he was Deputy PM, of course he's gotta be intelligent!

"Politicians are a mirror image of the society that puts them there." - John Anderson
Mr Anderson talked about the similarities between the fight William Wilberforce and his team had when they fought to abolish slavery. Lord Melbourne (speaking to Wilberforce in parliament) was the first to utter the nonsense of 'church and state should be separate'. Needless to say, the movie 'Amazing Grace' (the story of William Wilberforce and team to abolish slavery) and a biography of William Wilberforce have been added to my reading list for 2018!

So, the history of those wanting to keep morality out…