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Anna Quindlen

Hi there, old friends and new!

I'm finally back after a loooooong break (details of which I'll divulge gradually as I blog away here). Fair enough to say, I've missed blogging and I have lots of things to share with you.

First cab off the rank is the author Anna Quindlen. I'm one of those non-impulsive people who has severe bursts of impulsivity at weird and infrequent times. The other day, while at my local library, I had a vibrant bursting impulsive moment and decided that since my regular authors were missing from the shelves, I'd choose a random novel by a random author.

I picked up 'Every Last One' by Anna Quindlen. It sounded mysterious and thrilling, so I popped it in my borrowing pile and took it home. I was a bit nervous - I don't like reading authors I don't know much about because I try and protect my mind (and keep the fuel for my overactive imagination low!).

The novel is a brilliant window into the life of an ordinary woman with rather neg…

Prose from The Australian Magazine

Absolute gold in this weekend's Australian Magazine in the comments section. I haven't read Phillip Adams original article that has drawn these responses, but knowing Adams' style - I can guess.

Here's two clever responses to Adams, who had obviously taken poor Dorothea Mackellar's poem and rewrote sections to peddle his leftist agenda:

'I too love this bloody country
Where all can make their mark
Even tall poppy-knocking columnists
With nought to say but nark.

I too love this Liberal country
With values free and strong
Aspire, construct, develop, defend
Not despair that all is wrong

I too love this growing country
And I am not alone
All those who toil for wealth
We too call Australia home.

It's farmers, builders, miners, soldiers
Who make this wide land great
So Adam's leftie, green, weasel words
Shove up your jumper, mate.

David Brunt
Sunshine Coast, QLD'

'I love this open country
Where leftie ratbags roam
Some earn a crust in meeja
And ABC's their home.

I love t…

The Continuing Journey of Perseverance

Waiting nervously in the doctor's office, I flinched when the door opened.
"Uh, Maya?" he said, a hint of nervousness in his voice. "That pregnancy test was not negative."
My stomach clenched as I blurted, "What???"

He repeated the news and thus began a journey that was like watching a car accident in slow motion. A 'viability scan', a blood test and a rather spectacular scene with my husband when I got home from the doctor's appointment which culminated in me sleeping in a different room that night, broken and hurt.

Somehow, despite precautions, our seventh baby (healthy and well) is due to arrive, God willing, in early November. I have learned so much about what it's like for women who experience an unwanted pregnancy. I wouldn't go as far to call myself a hypocrite, but I now understand how difficult it is when you think you're going to be 'free' from pregnancy then you're not. All of a sudden, one's whole existe…

Easterfest 2014

For about ten years now, we've tried to attend the annual Easterfest (formerly AGMF) each year. Each time, my husband was working or we were away on holidays or had no money for the ticket! One year we actually purchased the tickets, but the almighty roster which governs our lives was changed and so we had to sell our tickets - that's how desperate we were - purchasing tickets before the roster was confirmed!

This year was our year.

As it turned out, it was the perfect thing for our family. We've had a rough time lately with my depression/anxiety, including another stay in the Mental Health Unit for nine days this time, a miscarriage, extra work for us both and as well as the usual commitments (and hence this being my first blog for quite a while!).

The day was hot and fine: perfect for sucking up Vitamin D! We all adored Kids World - a lock in area so parents can let their children go to the various games in the area - a perfect retreat from the heat and constant supervision…

Review of 'The Mark of the Lion' series by Francine Rivers

Since being given ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers as a gift, reading it and falling immediately in love with it – I’ve been keen to read some more novels that she has written. I have read ‘The Last Sin Eater’ which was fascinating and somewhat dark.
When Koorong had a big sale before Christmas, my darling husband suggested I purchase some books for my Christmas present from the rest of the family. I settled on ‘The Rose Trilogy’ by Beverly Lewis and ‘The Mark of the Lion’ series by Francine Rivers.
The three books of ‘The Mark of the Lion’ series were large and in a cool box – so I was excited to crack the first one open and devour the pages with my hungry eyes ratcheting back and forth across the words. My very first reaction to the book was distaste. It begins in Jerusalem, which is under attack from the Romans. There’s lots of bodies, death, disease and illness. Francine, in her very gritty way very ably sets the scene for her first character, Hadassah, to be introduced.
We follow…

My Little One

My little pea in my pod
My fallen star
Bright fresh hope
Into sharp scarlet regret
Packed away and sent away
Like the hopes with baby socks
Silence of empty pain
Lapping waves of questions
Wash and wash at my heart

My little one, my sweet pea
The one I will never hold
I can never see, touch or hear
My arms miss your sweet head
Cradled in their crook
My lonely vacant pod aches
My head fills with dreams
Of rosebud lips, sweet sleeping eyes
Gently curled fists

Then my soul swells with His promise
One day
One day
One day
Little star, fleeting one
When my own grown light
Flickers out
Crimson seeps from me
And my empty vessels falls

I will meet you
You will meet me
In a sweet smash of shining sparks
That will drown this numb dull ache
Wash my wet face
Refresh hope
Impregnate me with love
Swell my sorrowed soul
And we will have fresh growth of eternal joy