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Coal, Gas and The Greens

I went to a meeting the other night. With the state election coming up, the Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group, Friends of Felton and two other groups invited the candidates for the local area to attend a community meeting on the CSG and mining industry. Almost the entire area around Toowoomba has had an EPC (Exploration Permit for Coal) approved for it, so we're very interested in where the next mine is going to be, considering that we actually have to live here and breathe in whatever is put in the air. And now I'm mad. Really mad.

Anyone with half a brain knows how devastating coal mining and CSG is to the health of people. In Jondaryan, there's a huge pile of coal that waits to be transported into the trains to take it to port right next to the highway. People in Jondaryan have to wash their plates, cups and cutlery before they eat from them because they're layered in coal dust.

The state government has allowed a 2km buffer zone around coal mining activity. It's …

Conventional vs Natural

I've had to come face to face with some hard facts lately. I've known since I was about 18 that I'm sensitive to gluten and dairy products. But it wasn't life threatening, so I've just bodged along, sometimes going hard core and not eating any gluten or dairy and other times eating whatever I wanted until I got sick and had to slow down a bit. Mostly I've maintained a bit of a middle road, prefering to eat gluten or dairy free, but eating other stuff if I felt I could tolerate it.

Not any more.

I"ve had some worrying trends with my health lately and so the gluten-and-dairy-free diet has begun. I'm tired just thinking about having to think and cook gluten-free and dairy-free meals!

But I just wanted to share how the solution to my health concerns came about. I've been to my GP and had some tests done which all, worryingly, came back negative (apart from a sinus infection). NOT ONCE did she mention that my condition may have something to do with my diet…

The Kissing Challenge

OK, so I'm in. A year of one hot kiss per day! I'm a get-out-of-my-personal-space person, whereas my poor sweet man is a cuddly sort of person. So things like this really are a challenge for me. I'm good at the "Hi, how are you, glad you're home." peck, but when I'm busy I don't like to stop doing what I'm doing. stop and kiss him - passionately - each day is going to be full-on!

But I love him so much and want to put our marriage ahead of everything else here on earth! I want to make the effort to show him that I love him and he's so important to me, not just blog about it.

Day one was good - he was surprised :).

364 kisses to go!

Even an online site read just by your relatives is threatened

This is truly terrifying.

This report came out today and is the result of the 'media enquiry' commissioned by the Gillard government.

Do NOT switch off, and please don't be complacent. Your freedom to have your opinion and express it is under attack from the recommendations. An online website need only around 40 hits a day to be subject to oversight by a government body.

I'm super passionate about free speech and it's becoming harder and harder to speak up for truth with so many people assuming that because you disagree with them you have offended them or you must hate them. It's just simply not the case. And for these recommendations to be even considered here in Australia is truly, truly frightening.

So please check out Andrew Bolt's take on it. There are links there to other websites on it, too.

Even an online site read just by your relatives is threatened