The good thing about today is that it's OVER!

Well, I think I can officially call today a challenging day. My dietary issues have been playing up big time. One of my favourite hobbies -eating- has been pretty much destroyed by my body having a reaction to most things I eat. I can't figure out what's wrong and it's SO frustrating! Today I ate allergy-free museli with rice milk, a banana, rice with (good) leg ham, cooked mushrooms and leftover roast beef with veggies. No gluten. No dairy. No sugar. No nuts. No preservatives (or very, very little). And I still spent most of the day feeling bloated, slightly nauseated, refluxy, tired and blowing my nose. I am booking an appointment with both a GP and a dietitian this week!

I met with my midwife today and the baby is well - hooray! My iron levels are not OK, sadly. This is the first time EVER in five pregnancies that I've had low iron. So excuse me if I'm shocked for a bit because I'm NOT supermumma! My blood pressure was low...ish. My fundal height isn't that great, but OK. It's the very first time I've walked out of an antenatal appt (apart from when I'm 40+ weeks and there's talk of induction and risks of going overdue, etc) feeling flat and like I've failed on my homework. Now I know a bit about how mums who have issues with their pregnancies feel!

I spilt Neve's plate of sandwiches while putting her in her high chair today. I managed not to throw a tantrum over that. Joseph pooed his pants just before we walked out the door to go to the midwife. I may have raised my voice, but I resisted the urge to kick the nearest object (not my son!). And the absolute highlight of the day: providing the students, staff and parents at school with the spectacle of a seven-months-pregnant woman trying to change a flat tyre on a 4WD. Thankfully, a very kind friend got her husband to come and help me so I could at least drive to the tyre repairer. The verdict?

Not fixable. New tyre. $220, thanks!


Not the most wonderful, exciting adventure for this chook today.

It was hard to focus on the good things.

At the end of days like today, I'm just so thankful that I get another chance tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. So sorry you had such a bad day. Will be interested to see what the dietician says. Maybe after the baby arrives you might be able to do a strict elimination diet (after bf i guess too). Hope tomorrow is better for you. Hugs & prayers xx


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