It's been a while....

.......I've not had time to blog lately: I was busy and now I'm just tired! 'Twinkle' is due in less than 8 weeks (whether we actually see 'Twinkle' on time is another matter - my babies are always late!) and I'm starting to feel reeeeeeeally big. I waddle. It's a big deal to pick up stuff off the floor and bath children!

I've been having a bit of a pity party, as well, to be honest. My man goes away for five weeks on Monday and while he's home on weekends, he'll be doing a very intense course! I'm rather jealous for his attention, so I always hate it when he goes away and does something interesting or intense.

My three year old is driving me crazy. He does the silliest things. Last night he was squeezing toothpaste out onto his finger and wiping it on the toilet roll next to the toilet. Seriously. WHY? He hasn't figured out poos go in the toilet yet but he's generally OK with wees. Every day is starting to feel like a slog with his behaviour - he needs constant reminders to do what he's asked, to go to the toilet, to not bother his younger sister and on and on and on!

I'm really struggling with managing my family routine. We have NO time in the afternoons/evenings for relaxed family time. It's get home, get dinner on, baths, bed time and clean up. No stories - the children are getting to bed too late and are really tired! When they get up in the morning, despite being super organised, we have NO time to have family breakfast or really connect. It's frustrating me and I'm freaking out about when homework starts again! I feel like my days are dictated by school drop offs and pick ups. I would have this problem even if they didn't go to a private christian school 15 mins drive away - the local school is a 15 minute walk!

Did I mention I'm tired?

This is turning into a list of woes.

So let me list some good things about the past month.

We held a Day Camp at the local church and it was SO AWESOME!! My children had a ball and so did we, the leaders!

Our family went camping at Burrum Heads - we took our 4WD on the beach (a big deal for me, the beach-drive-phobia girl!), fished, played in the sand and I may or may not be able to confirm that a rather pregnant woman fell asleep in her camping chair while watching the children play on the beach in the morning sun! We relaxed, reconnected and rested. For four and a half days, five nights. Awesome stuff.

When we got home from camping we had a week at home and did the usual family stuff: visited Bunnings for some home projects, had afternoon sleeps and took the children out to the lunch special at Hog's Breath Cafe.

My dietary issues are due to a sensitivity to salicylates. The best news was that I'm not doing any permanent damage to my body by getting reactions to certain foods (unlike Coeliacs, diabetics, etc). So I'm free to experiment and suss out what my body will tolerate and what it won't. So far, ripe bananas, mushrooms, avocado, sugar, red apples, milk, gluten and carob have had to be eliminated from my diet. I'm crushed - I love avocado and I'm a HUGE sweet tooth! However, I'm diagnosed and I have some answers to why I'm feeling so horrid. Hooray!

I have great friends. Have caught up with them over the past four weeks and have really enjoyed chatting and reconnecting with them. I've made a new friend in town.

My baby is growing well and I'm feeling better on iron supplements! I'm getting kicked all over by this baby and I'm starting to pray about my sleep count already - this one appears to be a bit of a live wire!

We went to see a movie at the local church with our children that was aimed at adults but completely safe for them to see. For free. Dinner was provided. Enough said - it was FANTASTIC!!!!


That feels better.

This blogging thing really is great for your health!



  1. Yup, blogging's a great even-outerer... Glad that you guys had a great holiday. Camping is so special with little ones. And it is always so great to hear about people making new friends... priceless. Peace to you and your family, Julie, and drop in some time after a school run! g

  2. I will take you up on the offer, Grace! Thanks for being so awesome :-)

  3. I will take you up on the offer, Grace! Thanks for being so awesome :-)

  4. I will take you up on the offer, Grace! Thanks for being so awesome :-)


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