Disguised Blessing.......

Yesterday, I dropped four of our children with their grandparents for three nights.

Since I had driven five hours that day, I hadn't had any wonderful ideas for dinner. Thankfully, my husband often does!

After I picked him up from work, this is where we went and what we ate!
It was a half hour drive from his work. We chatted on the way and I tried to figure out where we were going - it was a surprise and I adore surprises!
As we got further and further along on our trip, I realised I was tired. I was sick of the car and I just wanted to lie down and rest! I had been to the beach, so was sticky and sandy. I longed for a shower.
On the tip of my lips was the question, "Is it much further? I'm really tired." But I held back and reminded myself that my husband had spent time thinking about where to take me and had gone and purchased some items for dinner in an interesting-looking paper bag that reminded me of deli food - one of my favourites!
When we arrived, it was gorgeous. A breeze blew gently and we chatted and ate and enjoyed our little bubba who sat in her capsule and gurgled away.
My annoyance at the extra half an hour of travelling melted away as I lay on the grass and my eyes drank in the wonderful view and I spent some awesome time chatting with my man!
We realised that it was exactly one month to the day since our wedding anniversary (and our rather ordinary anniversary breakfast experience - see previous post for details) had occured. Coincidence? I don't think so. There was something very healing about it.
Today, I realised that as hard as it is to keep my mouth shut sometimes, it can help. I wondered how many times I (and maybe other wives?) have spoilt it for ourselves by asking seemingly innocent questions which have damaged our husbands' confidence in surprising us or blessing us?
Sure, things don't always work out as intended or it's completely.......well, just the wrong thing sometimes. But I'm so glad that yesterday I managed to keep my questions to myself and just enjoy the effort that someone else put into blessing me.


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