Digging Out Splinters

So....I had more therapy today.

I love it.

An hour talking to someone about my crazy thought patterns and how this mess happened is so therapeutic. Well, of course. It's THERAPY.

It's like digging out a splinter. It hurts to dig, but once it's not digging into you or swelling up because some nice person dug it out for you (or helped you dig it out), the relief is tremendous. You sit there, looking at the tiny spot of wood in your palm, scratching your head and thinking: "That tiny thing caused all that pain?"

It's amazing how tiny things like harsh words, disdainful attitudes and a lack of physical affirmation over a childhood has the real potential to destroy a person. Slowly. From the inside out.

But, thanks to modern psychology, those tiny splinters can be dug out. Then you can apply the soothing cream or bathe it to kill the lingering germs and watch it heal.

I've been blown away lately by the thoughtfulness of so many beautiful people. We have a constantly stocked pantry and freezer. We have meals and I have two friends (and my mum) offering to come and help out around the house. People ask me how I'm really going. It's nice to tell the truth and know that people do want to know the truth.

I'm getting better.

Therapy + beautiful friends = God's soothing cream to my rather large mess.

Love it.


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