Prose from The Australian Magazine

Absolute gold in this weekend's Australian Magazine in the comments section. I haven't read Phillip Adams original article that has drawn these responses, but knowing Adams' style - I can guess.

Here's two clever responses to Adams, who had obviously taken poor Dorothea Mackellar's poem and rewrote sections to peddle his leftist agenda:

'I too love this bloody country
Where all can make their mark
Even tall poppy-knocking columnists
With nought to say but nark.

I too love this Liberal country
With values free and strong
Aspire, construct, develop, defend
Not despair that all is wrong

I too love this growing country
And I am not alone
All those who toil for wealth
We too call Australia home.

It's farmers, builders, miners, soldiers
Who make this wide land great
So Adam's leftie, green, weasel words
Shove up your jumper, mate.

David Brunt
Sunshine Coast, QLD'

'I love this open country
Where leftie ratbags roam
Some earn a crust in meeja
And ABC's their home.

I love this stupid country,
Where bludgers scream, "Unfair!"
When anybody asks them
To merely do their share.

I love this lazy country,
Our assets underused.
"You can't sell them," the Lefties say,
"The comrades might be abused."

I love this dippy country
Where science is debauched
And warming is religion
Among the leftie paunched.

I love this open country,
Our beaches and our breakers
Where economic migrants
Are called "asylum seekers"

Barry Wells
Cairns, QLD'

Touche, Mr Brunt and Mr Wells!


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