The Nester

I love it when I finish reading a blog post and click on a link to another related blog or find out about a book that looks interesting to's like a never-ending pass-the-parcel! Each post a layer of newspaper which, when finished, leads to another.....and another..... recently, when I read Jennifer Fulwiler's blog Conversion Diary in which she tells, with her typical dry humour, the chain of events in her home after reading 'The Nester: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful' by Myquillyn Smith.

When I'm emotional, I tend towards creativity. That's what my therapist says. I'll write poems, visualise plots for grand, sweeping novels and have insatiable urges to sketch or sit with watercolours, dabbing away, a la Beatrix Potter.....

I must have been emotional back in August reading Conversion Diary because the book title caught my attention. It suggested, unlike every other interior decorating book or magazine I'd ever picked up, that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Not quite sure how I figured that out. Ha ha.......

I downloaded Myquillyn's book onto my kindle and read voraciously - hardly stopping in between chapters......and just like Jennifer Fulwiler, there were a series of far less funny but dramatic events in our home that started with a few jumbled old items and ended with a feature wall and 'theme' in our guest room!


Hence began my journey into decorating my home with what I have and being OK with mistakes! It's been so very therapeutic to follow The Nester's wisdom.

I'd highly recommend that every wife and mum get a hold of this book - even if you're renting. The Nester has been a long-term renter herself and has great tips for renters.

I picked "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" up from Amazon for less than $15 and it's been a worthwhile purchase - not just for decorating tips but for a relaxed and more confident approach to how I decorate my living space.


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