Weeping for Motherhood

Seriously, if any post has a foul swear word in it, especially from a mum - it's not going to be worth reading. Just in my humble opinion.

I was shocked and saddened and angered to read a post shared by my friend on Facebook this morning. A mum was having a bad day and it involved some pretty serious stuff like accidentally breaking her finger and very ungrateful children, but it also involved some pretty shocking parenting.

Yep - I just wrote that. Call me judgemental, but that's what I think.

She's clearly a parent with less-than-average skills who's swallowed the line that the children are in charge and she's just hanging on for dear life as they roll on their merry way.

Well, sorry.

I'm calling it.

I'm tired of foul-mouthed, weak parents who refuse to take charge of their own children and attempt to work on various strategies with the behaviour, attitude or whatever the issue is until it's fixed. Good parents don't stop until the issue is sorted and either they or the child have passed away! They simply never give up.

Weak parents complain about their children without doing one single thing to rectify the problem - instead exacerbating it with weak choices. Like being to preoccupied to correct a defiant comment. Or too tired to meet each attempt of a child to test the boundaries at home. Or like this mum, taking her children to the toy shop to purchase toys because they'd had a rough morning. Just a crazy one, nothing major (the finger wasn't broken yet).


What does that teach them?

When things are tough - go placate yourself with material possessions.

Sorry. Just not good enough.

When did parents decide that the children are in charge? When did we stop thinking that they must be taught and moulded firmly but gently?

Don't believe me? Think I'm being too harsh?

Read for yourself, and weep for motherhood.

*Foul language abounds, so be warned*

by Constance Hall

I am declaring today cunt day.
I have been fighting with Bill for 24hours.. Doesn't look like its about to change.
Shit mum thoughts are consuming me, the kid...s refuse to eat anything that doesn't come with a health warning, Arlo won't do anything anyone says ever. Billie-Violet hates the world. My fault.
I took the kids to a toy shop as some kind of constellation prize for having a shit mum.
The opportunists robbed me.
We got home, the twins proceeded to scream... For hours.
To early for wine so my anxiety made me eat everything in the fridge. I don't even remember eating all of our cheese 😳
I walked into the kitchen and slipped on a mother fucking ninja turtle toy, put my hand out to save myself.... I didn't.... and now I think I have broken my finger.
Billie-Violet came towards me.. Kindness? "Mum the toy you bought me is crap" nope.
I have been waiting for Bill to come home so that I can go to emergency and have an x-ray which I am hoping will be very busy because even though it's the emergency it's more like a 5star holiday when I am kid free and to be honest I can't wait.
Bill calls, he's working tonight.
There goes my holiday- I'm mean hospital stay.. I mean.. Fuck the kids are screaming again.
I posted a video on my Instagram of the Twins screaming at me to hold them and got a judgy "why are you filming them and not holding them" BECAUSE I have been holding them all fucking day and now I have medical emergency finger thing happening and while we are asking questions why am I being mum judged on my anti mum judging PAGE!!!
Bill came home for 20 minutes between jobs.. I raced out to get milk (wine) because I need a cup of tea (wine.. a cup of wine)
And I came home.. And everyone is still screaming.. And bill and I are still not talking and my finger is still throbbing.. And I'm still tired..
But Snow has stripped down to her nappy and she's dancing around the house, her chub rolls and bald head, floating around with the grace of a baby elephant but the beauty of the seven seas... And the kids ate my pasta...
And it might be my glass of wine talking but maybe.... Just maybe.. It's not cunt day. It's definitely cultish day but all is not lost when the little humans who put me here are the very same ones who drag me out of it.
Maybe this is having your shit together, we're all exhausted, we're all fucking something up... But we are surviving and we all love our kids.. Just Queening along, not even knowing how completely perfect we really are
💗 Con xxx


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