Horses and Home Schooling

Horses and a home school get-together were two very much enjoyed activities the other day. My sweet Nature Girl (7 next week) is an avid horse-lover - no idea where she gets that from, of course - and it was great to finally get her on a horse to enjoy a real ride. She's sat on a horse previously and we had a very in-depth conversation about whether it was actually a 'ride' considering the horse took one step while she sat bareback aside the horse.

To get to our destination for the morning, we took a little scenic tour around near Pittsworth which doubled the time it took to drive there. It was very quiet in the car with only two of my girls....I was a bit worried they were asleep!

We finally arrived and they had their first ride.

Interestingly, Nature Girl was the first to ride, even though Little Leader volunteered to go first. Little Leader said "Yep! I'll go first!", put her helmet on and walked with me around beside the pony - but then she realised just how big he was and how high she would be.

When a little encouragement didn't work, I asked Nature Girl if she'd like to go first and she casually said, "Yep." and got on without any hesitation.

Little Leader needed no help getting on the pony once she'd seen Nature Girl riding!

It was enjoyable to only have my 'twins' with me that day. The girls are only 19 months apart in age and look similar, so it's like having twins. I loved having two little girls with me out and about when they were tiny and the older children were at school.

I'm not a huge fan of planned 'one-on-one' time with my children because then they start to expect it and ask for it, which isn't the type of spirit I'd like to nurture in them. I prefer incidental times like this, where it just naturally happens that all the other children choose to stay home, but one or two children choose to come along.

It was another one of those 'diamond in the rough' days, a spot of bliss in the craziness of life.

Aren't those faces just gorgeous? <3


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