My Big Green Day

We went to Brisbane the other day. It was a nice day....but I was hit with a severe case of 'the grass is greener on the other side' with all those lovely-looking women dressed up looking swish and very important. They were everywhere! And there was me, in my 'uniform' of jeans and a t-shirt and stained shoes and hair that I'd forgotten to brush that morning.

It's so completely immature and I'm sure if I did do paid work at the moment then I'd hate it.....but I came home disillusioned about how wonderful it must feel to be validated by a salary. And wearing clothes that don't have breastmilk stains on them!

And this is me, Mumma Julie, who never dreamed of having a job, but used to dream about having a lovely husband and multiple children to have around my legs, read stories to and make birthday cakes for. When I made up stories, all the families had twelve children (twelve is my favourite number!). I named all the children and imagined how awesome it would be to be in a big, busy family. My favourite character in 'Little Women' is Meg, the eldest and most responsible sister, the one who gets married and has twins!

Now I see a woman in a business suit and start getting those green feelings. What the?

Anyway. Had a chat to the husband. Felt much better about a bit of a chat about the potential for part-time work in the years to come, when Neve is in kindy. And prayed hard about just how important (and a bit full-on) my work as a mother is. Got a big injection of peace, love and strangely, understanding from my heavenly Father! It's amazing how much he 'gets' me.

Wouldn't swap my life for anything or anyone......but occasionally, I do question the choice to walk this path! In a strange way, these odd days of questioning are helpful. It reminds me why I'm doing what I am - this is my big childhood dream. Having a lovely husband and mulitiple children is what I've always hoped and dreamed for.

So - I'm going back to bed to catch up on sleep so I can live the dream again tomorrow!


  1. Hehe, I think we have all felt like that at times but God keeps reminding me how being a mother is the most important job in the word and the most rewarding....far more rewarding than nice clothes and a salary to match. do you know those women are truely happy?....perhaps all they want is to be able to have kids and wear daggy clothes.

    You are doing an amazing job....hehe you have birthed four children and kept them healthy and happy for years. Your a walking success. Great Job!


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