What the Lawsons have been up to lately.....

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post! Time's gone fast. This is just a general catch-up on what us Lawsons have been up to lately.

I had a refreshing night out on June 3rd - Ben and I went to the RACQ Careflight Ball and had a ball. It was so nice to be out doing something different. I commented to Ben on our way into the city that it was strange driving at night! Instead of paying someone to do hair and make up (which is still fun and I'm not against in any way), I had to do it myself because a) we're putting all our extra $$ into the house and related projects and b) Ben was going to be working until 5 that day and therefore unable to watch the children for me. But in the end he had the day off as it was the end of 'hell week' and if he'd worked, he would have been ridiculously tired.

The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed. Oh, alright - I dragged myself out of bed after Ben had fed and clothed the children. He was bright and chirpy and excited about going to see model trains. I was a little less excited. The children had a blast though so it was worth it. They even had those balloons you can wrap and twist into animals for $2 - what a bargain! Best $6 I could have spent!

We then drove out to Roma to stop the night before heading up to Longreach for two nights, then to Barcaldine for seven nights (Ben was doing relief work at Barcy Ambulance Station), back to Roma for one night and then home. We had a great time catching up with Roma friends and we even got to see some friends we made out at Longreach when we lived there for a month in 2007. It was a huge trip, but well worth it - we LOVE outback Queensland! The children had a great time and we enjoyed having them home for a week and a half.

Got home and went straight out to our block and the frame is up on our new house!! Soooo exciting!

Today, we met some new friends from the USA which was wonderfully exciting. I don't want to spill personal details about the lives of others on my blog, but it's involving one of our closest friends finding happiness so it's wonderful to watch and be part of.

So, now it's onto doing the fence at the block (three weeks of holidays are just starting -woot!) which should take most of this week.

I've been doing lots of daydreaming about our new house and how I'm going to decorate it......picked up two lamps for each of the girls bought on ebay for $6 each (bargain, I know!).....can't WAIT to be finally living there! It's a bit weird living here in Oakey, sort of like I'm expecting each time we head back here from Toowoomba that we'll just keep going and wind up at Bowen Street in Roma again - like living here hasn't really computed in my mind yet. I miss Roma, but not when I'm at our new house site. So maybe the homesickness for Roma will go once we're living at Kingsthorpe.

Anyway, after all this gallivanting and DOING of stuff, I'm happy to be slowing down this week and enjoying the last week of school and kindy before we're off late next week for a real retreat this time to Rainbow Beach with some friends. Then it'll be back home for the last week of hols (with more friends visiting from Roma) before Ben heads back to work.

Sometimes I feel like we're so busy doing STUFF that we forget to enjoy life and our beautiful children, but then I'm reminded that when we're out of the house we enjoy them because I'm not looking face to face with the zillions of jobs that require attention around the house. I sat on the wall of the Brisbane River with my three oldest children today and had a nice few moments with them! I'm still a big home body, but I have a big adventurous streak right through me :D.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll hopefully get another blog out before the week ends!


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