My FIRST attempt at real life sketching....

My friend, Grace, is an artist and one of the best things about her is that while being incredibly talented, she's also very cool with giving little tutorials on her blog. I'd recommend a visit to her gorgeous blog for inspiration in art, photography and motherhood. An awesome read.

Waaay back in September Grace posted a tutorial on real life sketching. And me, being a big-picture person, usually has no patience or time to pick up a pencil and make little marks on a piece of paper with it. Normally, I hate details! But for some reason, Grace's post just grabbed me and I knew I had to give it a go. To focus on something that would take my mind of the exhausting whirlwind of my big picture thoughts.

So, first I had to find a suitable object. Not easy - I went through heaps of objects before I was sitting with Matthew this morning supervising his homework (and being a very attentive, focussed mother of course) and noticed our salt shaker. Our very basic salt shaker. I remembered Grace's blog tute from mid-Sept and just happened to have some paper and a pencil sitting there on the table.

So, here are the results. Because I didn't have a refresher on the tute, I'd forgotten a few little details, but I think it's not a complete mess. I'm not sure it's a wonderful work of art either! But it's OK.

But I loved having to think, having to focus on the light and the shape and the shading. It was a few minutes of therapy for this big-ideas-and-must-keep-on mum!

So thank you, Grace, for your inspiration......I'm keen to have a go at something else to see if I can improve on my first go at real life sketching.

PS. If you want to read the tutorial that Grace wrote on real-life sketching, click here.


  1. Wow Julie, well done! And I love that you thought to take a photo from the same angle to share with us. It really is a beautiful form of therapy, isn't it... perfect for de-stressing. Hope you inspire others too! grace


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