How it Happened.....I mean, I know HOW it happened......but....y'know!

I realised I haven't told 'the story'.......about how little 'Twinkle' came into existence.

I've been praying big time about our family and our fertility. During December, I realised that if we were to fall pregnant in that month, we would be expecting in September. So, I prayed - "God, if I could just have this year off to get the house in order and settle our family, then I'll happily have another baby for you....just next December.....I'm just so tired...." and blah, blah, blah.......

He said 'No.'

Little did I know, that despite following all the 'family planning' rules, I was probably already pregnant by the time I was rather arrogantly praying that prayer.

The thing is, I'd LOVE a September baby. September 1st in one of my favourite days of the year: spring arrives! Matthew was due in late September and I stupidly expected him to arrive on his due date. He was ten days overdue. In my pathetic way, I've always desired a baby for my favourite time of the year.

God has answered my prayers in both ways: Yes and No.

So, despite feeling a bit nervous about how we're all going to go, I know that God has planned this baby and that all I need to do is rest in Him and trust that He'll provide the resources we need each and every day, just as He has for the first four children.

I'm experiencing the full gamut of! The only thing I can trust in all of this is that paragraph above. I have a friend who has an excellent sticker in his briefcase. It says, "The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you." - Amen.


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