Meeting Obstetricians........

I met my obstetrician today. I don't usually like meeting obstetricians. To me, they are scary because they have lots of letters after their names which means that they know a heck of a lot more about the medical process my body goes through during the labour process than I do.

They represent hospital rules like, "We'll book you in for an induction when you're ten days overdue." or "You're best to stay in hospital for another night.". They're often impersonal and have very few social skills (like introducing themselves when you meet them for an appointment or eye contact when you ask a question). I know they're just people, but I've had some less-than-pleasant experiences with them as well as admittedly, some pretty good ones.

So, the word I have from the midwives at TBH is that now that this is my fifth pregnancy, I am considered 'high risk'. This is because of an increased risk of post-partum haemorrage (PPH). So that means no water birth :( and 'active management' of the third stage of labour.

So, I was nervous about meeting my OB because I've never been high risk and I have no idea what it means! I had lots of questions about it.

Praise God, it turns out he is actually human and he cracked the jokes the entire time (most of which I didn't understand, but anyway). The best thing he said was, "I will help you with whatever you want. It's your health!" *sigh* - a relief. The second best thing he said was, "Hopefully, we won't even SEE each other during labour!" but I didn't want to burst his bubble by telling him that I'm one of those women who tear so I will have to see someone who's handy with stitching during my fourth stage of labour!

So, the outcome of my appointment with him today is that I will not be pumped full of drugs at ten days overdue ("We will talk about it at ten days over, but that's fine (if you don't want labour induced)."), as long as the labour is complication-free and the baby is healthy I can go home after four to six hours or so after labour, I'm at risk with this being my fifth pregnancy, but he doesn't necessarily consider me 'high risk' and while he didn't recommend my much-desired water birth, he didn't say "No." outright. I am so thankful to have a OB who is human and uses phrases like 'I'm flexible' and 'It's your health'. And smiles.

Now, it's off to MyMidwives tomorrow to investigate possibilities now that I know a water birth is perhaps a little bit possible, maybe.......

It's not like I'm dead set on having one at all costs, rather, that I'd like to try it to see if it's as good as it's reported to be! If I can't do it, I can't do it and I'm happy to accept it. At least at TBH they have a birthing stool!

Did you have a water birth? Did you want to have one and couldn't?

Love to hear your story!


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