A Horse Tale

It's amazing. Two hours in the saddle - with brief periods spent bouncing in and out of it - has done wonders for my fitness (read: saddlesoreness!) and my spirit.

Horse riding is something I enjoy doing and I've spent the last 10 years wanting to get back in the saddle, but have been pregnant, breastfeeding, too poor or too busy!

I was even a little challenged by my instructor to try a canter (sort of a slow run, horse-style), which I'd never done before. I'd forgotten how good it to try something a little risky and enjoy the exhilaration.

So, when are you off on your next challenging adventure? It doesn't have to be a horse ride. Maybe it's dancing. Or making a special dinner for your family. Going on a long bushwalk. Painting. Reading a certain number of books.

Whatever it is, I dare you to get out there, grab the experience with both hands and shake all of the life-giving enjoyment out of it that you possibly can!


  1. glad you had an awesome time Jules! a very thoughtful gift from Ben :-)


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