Saddle Up!

I'm sitting here on my couch. I'm drinking a coffee (I'm a new convert to coffee with my low salicylate diet). Everyone's having a rest, including the paramedic of the house who's just come off night shift. The baby's asleep.

There is no sweeter sound than the sound of a quiet house on a lazy summer Saturday afternoon.

It's been a long week. Several times a day this week, I've had two and sometimes more children start to talk to me at exactly the same time. It does my head in - having a queue of little people who want to share something with me!

I'm ready for a break.

On Monday morning, I'm getting up early and driving about an hour from my place to go on a trail ride. It's my husband's christmas present to me and I'm SO excited to go!

I haven't done any horse riding since 2003 at SU (Scripture Union) Schoolies and before that with my high school friend with whom I used to go riding with occasionally. That's almost 10 years! So I'm well overdue for an experience that's different yet familliar. Something that takes me back to fond memories of when I was younger. 

I'm so excited to use my brain for riding rather than managing. I can't wait to experience that horsey smell and that old familliar rocking sensation of being in the saddle. Being out in the bush is going to be awesome, too.

The ride goes for 2 hours, which doesn't seem like a long time. But in that 2 hours my body, mind and spirit will be so refreshed and uplifted that I know I'll come back to my family a much better wife and mum.

I'm a big believer in the importance of self-sacrifice and selflessness. Doesn't mean I'm good at it, but I hold those thoughts in my mind as I go about my day, trying to muddle through the endless, endless work! It's important to pour yourself out for your husband and children.

However, it's also vitally important that I take time out when I need, to do something different, something that reminds me of the good things in life and concentrate on something other than management of my family and my home. It refreshes me and helps me do a better job when I return.

So, what's something you haven't done for a while? Laps at the pool like you used to? Played squash like you used to? Got out the scrapbooking like you used to? Bushwalking? Dancing?

Whatever it is, I hope that you can find some time to get back to it - soon!


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