When Babies Grow Up......

I'm not a clingy-mumma. I love, love, love my children and I love, love, love being a mum. But I'm more on the side of cheering them on as they learn to walk, talk and grow up rather than wishing they'd stay crinkly newborn-ish forever.

BUT....she's 7 1/2 months old and all of a sudden has just lost interest in my breasts. For feeding, that is!

Two weeks ago she was what we affectionately called 'The Boobie Muncher'. Now? Meh - she'll take it or leave it, thanks.

But water? Yummy!
Cooked mashed veggies? Yummy!
Chicken? Yummy!
Yoghurt? Yummy!

My brain is still trying to catch up to the fact that this:

Has now turned into a tubby, smiley, double-toothed food hoover who now treats breast milk as second-rate!

I've racked my brains trying to think of why she'd suddenly reject my milky goodness (including doing the wee test on a stick: it was negative), but I've just had to come to the conclusion that she's just going to be different to her older brothers and sisters. Unlike them, she was born in water, sucks her thumb and now, she's going to wean early.

I'm happy for her.

But my brain (and maybe a tiny bit of my heart, too) is trying to catch up!


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