Easterfest 2014

For about ten years now, we've tried to attend the annual Easterfest (formerly AGMF) each year. Each time, my husband was working or we were away on holidays or had no money for the ticket! One year we actually purchased the tickets, but the almighty roster which governs our lives was changed and so we had to sell our tickets - that's how desperate we were - purchasing tickets before the roster was confirmed!

This year was our year.

As it turned out, it was the perfect thing for our family. We've had a rough time lately with my depression/anxiety, including another stay in the Mental Health Unit for nine days this time, a miscarriage, extra work for us both and as well as the usual commitments (and hence this being my first blog for quite a while!).

The day was hot and fine: perfect for sucking up Vitamin D! We all adored Kids World - a lock in area so parents can let their children go to the various games in the area - a perfect retreat from the heat and constant supervision.


We gatecrashed the YWAM Chai Circle to rest our brood in the early afternoon. I felt like a dinosaur among all the young thangs lounging around! We made our children lie down on the floor and stay that way for half an hour while we recouperated, which was mostly successful. There were numerous urgent, I'm-dying! requests for drinks so they could sit up. Thank God for the lovely singers who gave them something beautiful to listen to and watch.

The afternoon concert was the best part! We picked a spot in the Mainstage Tent which turned out to be perfect - right beside the bit that no-one sits in because it was behind the sound desk. It turned into a dance floor for the junior members of our family - and then a Mummy-and-kids dance floor!

We heard Alabaster Box, Jimmy Needham (my absolute favourite!), Dami Im (groan), The OC Supertones and New Empire. We enjoyed Alabaster Box and New Empire, but Jimmy Needham was by far and away my favourite artist.


Just as we were settling in for a bit of post-pizza-dinner bopping nicely on our backsides with the children to The OC's - our little brood came alive! They loved the up-beat and jumpy music - hence propelling us all up to the back of the main crowd, Lara (18 months old) included. She rocked it - danced, ran around and clapped along with the rest of us! It was the best and happiest time we'd had together for ages.

Obviously, having such a long-term interest in Easterfest has exposed us to many opinions about it - which of course I will add my own to!

Easterfest is a great weekend for families who want family-friendly-funky-wholesome entertainment. We could all rock out to ska and rock with no concerns for the content of the lyrics or stage antics! It's a great break from the constant supervision that discerning parents work at. The only down side is the cost. It cost us $195 for one day. If you purchase a family ticket (2 adults and biological children) right now until April 30th, it's $310 for a three-day pass. So that helps. Without the 'early bird' rate, it's $495 for the three-day pass.

I was there for one day. I didn't listen to any speakers. I didn't see everything. What I did see of the worship wasn't terribly encouraging. I have a strong distaste for worship that focusses on the worshipper and not the God whom one is worshipping! If you don't have high expectations in terms of meaty, deep and theologically satisfying worship, then you won't be disappointed.

Having said that, the quality of artists' craft (whether dance, singing or painting) was amazing. It's only in worship when I find singing about oneself as the subject of the song distasteful, so I was blown away by the love that so many talented people have for our heavenly Dad.

The forums and discussons looked interesting, relevant and engaging - I'm looking forward to getting involved in those next year!

I found myself liking Easterfest, despite the misgivings that many have about the event. If you're a family who has a desire to enjoy family-friendly entertainment that isn't for children or a Christian family seeking a weekend to hang out together and celebrate the most important weekend in the Christian calendar, then you will enjoy Easterfest. The event allows Christians to have a voice and a chance to show the community what we are all about: LIFE through Jesus Christ!

If the cost of tickets is a drawback for your family, there are still many free events around our beautiful city throughout the weekend that everyone can enjoy.

Like this:

Happy Easter, my friends. It is good to be back - beyond the edge of adventure!


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