Oh, home.
The sweet sacred sound of birds singing, children playing and electrical appliances humming.
A place where life is lived, love is loved and new life is born.
The smell of linen freshly inside from flapping in the wind all day.
Where rambunctiousness and peace are symbiotic.
Home is freshness, green and soothing. It is red, bloody and where battles are played out to seek greater unity.
A dialogue on stage between oneself, God and one another.
Home is where the garden is. The scraggly garden. The small garden. There nonetheless, for poking and planting in when I need grounding.
It's a symphony of shouting love, righteous anger, peaceful battles, safe walls, sweetness, all tumbling under the baton of His right hand.
The war is won at home. It's a precious diamond in the rough of life. Dig it up, put it on a ring, put it on your finger. Never let it go!
Home is a sanctuary. It's nutritious, healthy, softness and warmth.
When the ills of life pour down your head, your face, chin and try to drown you - go home. Do something at home to make home home. Pray. Play with the children.
Oh, home. I have so often used you as a chore, a prison and a jet plane. I want to embrace you as a soothing gift from my God.
Home, you are the essence of life, a divine hug, my peace.
(We need to spend more time together!)


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