Last night and early this morning, I watched 'Minimalism' - a documentary on being minimalist, funnily enough.

It was recommended by a sweet mummy-friend of mine and since I'm awake with baby, husband was at work and as I happen to be sympathetic to the minimalist movement, I decided to give it a spin.

Here followeth my opinion:

I liked it. The two men who wrote the book 'Minimalism' are genuine, scarred and real. I loved that. It was nice to hear from men who are sincere and passionate!

As I got into the documentary, I found myself comparing the minimalist movement with Christianity. It's a habit - probably a good one - that most Christians should adopt, I think! I found myself listening to neuroscientists, professors of sociology, authors, dads, expectant mothers and small-house movement proponents talk about their views on minimalism, materialism, consumerism, the death and fatness of the western world whilst thinking, "Yep, I do that/agree with that - because Jesus says *insert relevant Bible verse in here about prayer, meditating on God's word, not being consumed by money but things of God, etc*."

I was drawn into the film, but got bored half-way through it because I felt that these people are merely swapping what God says to do - pray, meditate on His word, help others, eschew materials and treat them as evil necessities - and replacing them with secular ideas like meditation (the evil, mind-emptying kind), finding out that the six-figure salary isn't as wonderful as it's promoted to be and living in small spaces with simplicity to reduce stress. It appears that God was right on the money when He divinely inspired the writers of the books of the Bibles! How bizarre is it that non-believers are finding out that what God says to do is actually good for us!

Now, don't get me wrong, I think the message in the documentary is good for us to hear - Christian and non-believers alike. But I think if you're a devoted Christian then there shouldn't be too much you can learn from this documentary. I was inspired to keep going with monitoring closely our materialistic habits and what we spend our money on - but the film wasn't a light-bulb moment for me. If you understand what Jesus was on about, then living a simple life in the moment isn't a surprising concept. It's what all Christians should be doing anyway!

Overall, I think it's worth a watch to learn about the startling statistics of our consumerist and materialistic society and to be inspired to live a simple life, as well as having belief in God, the One who knows what's best for us, strengthened.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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