Valentine's Day

In the past we've done the whole bit: purchased gifts, cards and had a swanky date night.....but that was then and this is now. Seven children, one a newborn combined with shift work makes things very interesting!

I'm not really into the commercialization and materialism of Valentine's Day. But I am into blessing one's spouse as much as possible - so am always interested in things to do to celebrate the ill-fated St Valentine's legacy.

Sometimes we've been overwhelmed and haven't done much at all - maybe just a cuppa on the couch after kiddy lights out! But this time, despite the issues surrounding the logistics of having a chandelier-swinging rumpy-pumpy, I'd like to do something nice for my husband on the big V-day on Tuesday.

My frazzled mama brain can't think around all the hurdles all the moment, so I'm asking you for ideas. Here's the criteria:

1. Budget - it has to be cheap. We have approximately $2.76 spare. Bonus points for a totally free V-day!
2. Romantic - none of this "just get in the sack" business. I mean, it's definitely on the agenda. I'd like some romance and time of blessing each other.
3. Homeward Bound - we can't leave the house, other than to go onto the patio or trampoline. We have sleeping children and a newborn!
4. No time-consuming preparation - I've got a few bits of time spare to plan and make some stuff, but not much. No 'blowing up a zillion balloons with a personalized message' ideas.

Now you can see why I'm floundering a little. You never know - sharing your ideas might inspire others to bless their marriage too!

So, what are your ideas? Do you have any plans to bless your marriage for Valentine's Day?


  1. My fav couple spoil is a full body massage with coconut oil. Lay a towel and lock the door. Take turns giving and receiving a relaxing massage. Clothing optional. ;)


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