A Cranky and Very Un-Politically Correct Post

I'm a cross Mumma today. Been a long day of multiple challenges. And I'm cross about the fact that secular environmentalist-type folk look down on me because somehow my work isn't 'work'. I don't 'contribute' to society and even worse, have given birth to four carbon-producing, footprinting, rubbishing little suckers.


Apparently raising the future teachers, doctors, check-out chicks, mechanics etc isn't important to them, but it sure is important to me. And more importantly, God makes it very clear that He loves children and loves families ("Let the children come to me." Matt 19:14, "Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." Psalm 127:5).

To be quite honest, I reckon that most of the children of today will be so bound up in grief about their lack of identity in God and the hopelessness of a painful existence lacking in love that they won't give two hoots about how polluted the oceans or sky are.

The pain of being so neglected in every respect will cloud their vision so they won't be able to see past the scars.

It sounds dramatic, but just the little bits I've seen through teaching really makes me ache for our children.

I'm not having a go at mums who work. I'm just so annoyed that popular opinion means that my labour as a mum somehow doesn't count because it's not validated with a paycheck.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT MONEY and I choose Ben, Matthew, Denna, Joseph and Neve OVER the ridiculous ideology of feminists (I've read quotes from Simone de Beauvior et. al. and I was completely disgusted) and some stupid notion that 'power' lies in making money and my full potential is realised in working outside the home.

Real power is in my hands and the hands of every other mother in this world with each precious child we hold. The paycheck is finite. My children and their generation will live forever in Jesus Christ. The choice is clear.


    Our country is being run by a motherless woman - even the male politicians had children! She doesn't understand the emotions, instincts and love that come in to play when you bring life into this world. I know - I used to be that working woman, guilted to work and earn harder....And now that my little family is here and potentially growing, I don't want to ever go back to that existence...and I'm doing just fine without it anyways.
    Bleurgh to you, lefty environmentalist.

  2. I am so with you on this! With every fiber of my being I hate the fact that I am perceived to be a "centrelink bum" Because I have chosen to stay home and raise the children that I have been blessed with! And like you said, I don't have a problem with working mums but why should I been seen as a lesser citizen!

    So I found you on Facebook and your blog all in one day! :) I have been a little addicted to your blog since I found it this afternoon!



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