I'm at the plateau

With each of my babies, I'd hit a point in my journey with them when I would realise that suddenly things were getting easy. I was no longer slogging up a hill, head down, working really hard. Needless to say, I hit that point a little earlier with Matthew (who slept through the night from 10 days old and breastfed with almost no trouble at all) and Denna (slept through from 8 weeks old and was a breastfeeding nightmare for 8 weeks, when it finally cleared up) than I did Joseph (who slept through FINALLY, aged 9 months old after 4 months of battling oral thrush....and moving our family to Roma when he was 10 weeks old)!

Anyway, with the plateau thing: I'd realise that I hadn't spent a majority of the day bouncing the baby in her hammock, or I'd had a day without one painful breastfeed, or I'd do a 'rush hour' that didn't involve the baby bellowing while I scrambled to get dinner on the table or children bathed, or my personal favourite, I'd put the baby on a mat to play and I'd get some time to catch up on jobs - no lugging the baby on one hip (although I don't mind it sometimes), no slings, no screaming.....just the blissful, light feeling of my arms doing one job fully and completely with my full attention.

Well, I'm so very pleased and relieved to announce that I'm there again! Since we've come back from holidays, I've been able to get our house tidied and I may even get around to cleaning - for an absolute neat freak like me, it's a relief. I feel remotely human and connected to my wonderful family again. This month that Ben's had off has done wonders - I've had sleep-ins and afternoon rests so I've caught up a bit.

Unfortunately, it all ends on Saturday when he goes back to work, but I'm sort of looking forward to the challenge of it all too. I'm waiting to see if I can hold it all together and for how long!

Of course, when things go crazy again (and they will, believe me), I've learned through experience that it'll pick up. So I can enjoy each day, each minute of disorganisation, fart noises, crazy rush hours and a washing pile that resembles Mt Everest knowing that one day I'll probably miss it!


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