A little post until I get enough time to put up a decent one.....

I want Ben to go back to shift-work!!


If you'd asked me that question 4 1/2 years ago, I would have immediately chosen for Ben to work 9-5, Monday to Friday, with every weekend off.

Now, I'm so tired just getting the children to school every day (violins, please) that I'm aching for the weekend.

I don't know how 9-5ers do it!

Ben's been in the QAS for 5 years now and although I HATED it at first and struggled to adjust to shift work (it took about a year for me to work out how it worked), I'm now in a routine with shift work.

Huh? Routine? Shift work? How do they go together?

Beats me.

All I know is, two days off in a row is SO not enough (keep those violins going!!) and I can't wait for shift work to resume in a little over a week's time!

So, my dear friends who are following my blog - you are the ones who are to hold me accountable - next time I complain about Ben working on the weekends, or doing a 12-hour shift + overtime: REMIND ME of this post and how 9-5 work is actually harder.

Thank yooooouuuuu.......(violins ad lib to fade)


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