Baby at my feet

When I was young and I used to day dream about being married and having babies and keeping house, there was one idea that alway stuck in my mind that I liked the best. I was reminded of it today because I actually did it!

I used to imagine that I'd be hanging out the washing.....with a chubby baby sitting in the pram or on the grass babbling away near my legs while I worked. Then, I'd imagine making dinner.....with a gorgeous little chubster on my hip, pointing at different things and exclaiming.

There was just this recurring theme of having a baby sitting at my feet, a gorgeous round little upturned face with full little eyes that saw only me, the mummy.

So, over the years, I've worked out that having babies around your feet isn't always the most comfortable (or safe) thing. But occasionally, I'll realise that I'm doing it! I'm living my day dreams from so long ago...... Miss Neve sat on the floor while I folded the washing and we had a nice chat. I loved her serious little face that listened to what I was chatting away about, interjected with occasional distractions and hoots.

And since she's finally crawling (it's OK, she's only almost 1!), we are playing another of my favourite games....crawl to mummy whilst trying to stay upright amidst humungous baby giggles!

I just loves it, I do.


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