As Night Dawns

I love being strong
I love being busy
My days are long

Sometimes in strife
Under attack
For awareness of life

Politeness around
Nothingness done
Heads in the ground

Well, good


The one whom I love
By my side
Like a dove

Shelter He brings
Strength and grace
In His wings

Till dawn finally breaks
And at last
See His face

Until then work is set
Compass swings, turns
Sights up high, do your best



  1. Thinking I know what had insipred this, Remember God has labled us... His children. You have a wonderful heart Julie and show us that mothers at home can make a difference. I have seen 3 facebook post strings in the last week (urs included)that have shown me that people are getting less and less tolerante of christian beliefs, and morals. I feel the time of widespread outright persecution is at hand, another indiction that the end days are near upon us. Keep fighting the Good fight Jules. You are one of a kind!


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