I have been so busy lately! I am definitely enjoying the busyness before my traditional rest period before a baby arrives. I just love being busy in general!

Last Wednesday I did grocery shopping, visited Ben at work for lunch, went home, unpacked it all with help from my little J-man, while the children had a rest, I had my lunch during which I received the most fantastic phone call which is another blog post all together! Then we did school runs - but I got to go into the city for a meeting (woo!)while Ben took the children home for rush hour and then I had dinner with a friend before going to a try-it-before-you-buy-it food party at another friend's home. Awesome day!

The sad thing about being busy is that my body struggles to keep up. After my amazing day on Wednesday, I had a crazy day Thursday which I wasn't expecting. Then came Friday, which I had been looking forward to for ages! My MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) friends and I went down to Brisbane Friday afternoon to attend a training day on Saturday.....with our husbands and children at home (well, we brought one baby with us :) ) Then we came home (my darling husband teamed up with my other friend's husband and together they organised dinner which was so fantastic!). By Sunday, I was too tired and a bit sick to get to church.

This week has started off slow. I rested most of Monday, but then my favourite paramedic had his big interview in Brisbane on Tuesday, so he went down there on Monday night! On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week, I am ashamed to admit that I have gotten my children to school late. Horribly late. I have ranted and raved during morning rush hour to get us out the door 15 minutes before school starts! All this only because I couldn't drag my tired and sorry body out of bed in time to get everyone organised. I've turned up to school only having put day clothes on. Hair looking like Medusa's, breath smelling like Medusa's hair looks like and sadly, a turned-down mouth. That made me sad, not having enough energy to even pretend to be happy!

But! Last night came the turn around........I slept better. Got up earlier today (not early, just earlier!) and we were at school right on time. I've had a morning meeting but this arvo off! I'm feeling back to normal!

Now, just gotta bake for Denna's birthday party, go to playgroup tomorrow, go to my midwife appointment tomorrow arvo, do movie and pizza night, do Denna's birthday party, do Saturday rush hour while the paramedic does overtime, church on Sunday - then I can have a rest!


  1. Glad to hear that you've got rest coming Julie! Put those feet up for a minute... :-) grace


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