Life as a Cycle

Most things in life are cyclical. Life itself is cyclical.

I'm finding that I'm used to the cycle now of having a baby. Ha!

At the moment, I'm on the easiest and my most favourite part of the cycle. The sleep-ins, the cutest fifteen-month-old bubba crawling around, no breastfeeding (not that I don't like it, just that it's hard for me to establish and it's another 'thing' I have to do in the day), a tidy but maybe not especially clean house, time to potter about doing odd jobs, the ability to get away for a little break overnight, a fair amount of free time during my day, no pregnancy nausea and no big belly leading the way for me wherever I go (and leaving dropped jaws and raised eyebrows in its wake!). I feel like I've got it all together......almost.

However......soon, I'm going to head into the 'hard work' stage. The sleeplessness, the painful breastfeeding, the continual juggling act, from dawn 'til dusk with the odd juggling act in the middle of the night when an older child wakes up as well as the newborn, my eyes feeling like they're hanging out of my head with fatigue and the untidy, unorganised and very, very unclean house.

It's sometimes difficult to look ahead, knowing that something hard is coming. It's scary. Disheartening. And when you're going into it with your eyes wide open, it makes you wonder why in the heck you're doing it!

One of the best, best things about God is that He is always with those who call on Him (pray). And in going through the continual cycle of pregnancy, labour, newborn stuff, more sleep, healing, hard work, struggle and being forced to rely on my heavenly Father, I come out the other end stronger because of what I've been through.

For me, going through this cycle of trust, obeying, hard work and blessing reminds me how I love God and how I know Him because I have experienced Him in a very real and practical way. Sometimes minute to minute in the midst of struggle and chaos in my busy home.

I still have a long way to go in so many areas - my biggest being practicing patience and kindness towards my children and husband. I'm a task-oriented person rather than people-oriented, so it's a constant battle that I have to fight to be soft and gentle.

The two best things by far about this cycle of bringing life into the world, is that I know God is with me each step of the way, so I can give thanks for that at the very least when things are tough and also that there is always, always, always an end to the night, an end to the struggles and in the morning comes the dawn - bringing light, warmth and lazy afternoons. Eventually.


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