Apathy, Politeness and Tolerance.......

If there is one thing I hate, it's apathy. And sickening weakness that hides behind euphamisms like politeness and tolerance.

Lately, in our country, we have witnessed a most disgusting campaign by our Prime Minister. This is the Prime Minister who has overseen more debacles than any other PM and has lied to stay in power. And now this ridiculous temper-tantrum about the fact that she's a woman and her opponent is a man.

Politics has become (from both sides, though with more drama and deceit from the 'left') a ridiculous circus and a stinking, fetid, dirty game.

It's not good enough and Australians deserve better.

The government should fear the people, not the other way around.

When this topic is brought up, the usual response is, "Well, I don't really get into politics." or some other apathetic comment like, "Oh, both sides of politics are as bad as each other."


Governments are so important. They make laws concerning our country, our welfare, our communities, our families and our money.

We need to be informed about what's happening so we can let the government know when they're off the mark. The government should fear the people - we are the ones who keep them accountable!

So, how do you keep a government accountable? What counts is dropping an email to your local member on important issues and at the very least, sign up to receive updates from your representatives in parliament. They are the ones who represent you, so you need to let them know your views.

It's been interesting with the debate about Same-Sex 'Marriage' - a lot of the MP's have been asking organisations like the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) to get their contacts to send an email letting them know their views so that they (the MP's) have something to go on in parliament during the debate. It's pretty pathetic that they had to ASK for people's opinions on the topic!

If you are sick of the way the government is going, instead of running away from it and switching off, SPEAK UP!! Even better, join a political party. If you're a decent person, then politics and our country NEED decent people to at least tell the political parties what they expect from them. For example, did you know that Tim Mander, the ex-CEO of SU Queensland is now in state parliament?

How awesome is that to have an elected representative who is a decent and capable person, rather than the Peter Slippers and Craig Thomsons? Of course, not everyone is suited to being an MP, but we can all do our part to influence and keep accountable those who govern us.

At the most basic, basic level, we can all at least investigate who the best candidate is and what the political parties stand for before casting our votes.

If you are as disgusted, 'over it' and ashamed of the shambles which is this government as I am, then lets do something about it: for our families and our community. Remain informed, sign up to email updates/newsletters, drop a quick email to MPs, join a political party and support decent people with brains and morals to get into parliament!

.....and for those who are christians: pray, pray, pray. Especially at this point, with another 12 months until the election!

It's one thing to leave our environment in a good state 'for our children's future', but let's also leave a country that's stable, not in huge amounts of debt, well-managed and with fierce but fair debate.


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