Confessions of a 'working' Mum

Frozen veggies, bigger cuddles with the baby, more productive housework time, more understanding for the breadwinner, bought biscuits, speed-lunch-making are all part of my life now.

I'm a 'working' mum.

Before, I cooked only fresh vegetables. Now, I understand the convenience and not-too-dissimilar vitamin and mineral content of frozen vegetables. How utterly blissful to rip open a pack of veggies, bung it on the stove and serve! No chopping!

Before, I had baby-overload. My body was permanently frozen in a lopsided, baby-holding posture! Now, I love coming home to my baby and my little ones that I haven't seen for a few hours. I miss them. It's a relief.

Before, I'd procrastinate about what housework job to do first. Now, I have to get it done in a certain amount of time - so it gets done. Who would have thunk it?

Before, I was definitely tired from having a newborn, but once the baby started sleeping through the night I would often say I was tired at the end of the day. I had no understanding of how utterly exhausting it is to come home after a long day and have to bath children and interact with people who are all shouting, "LOOK AT ME!". Seriously, my husband deserves a medal!

I used to push myself to bake. I hate baking! Now, I just purchase plain biscuits and bake when I feel like it. So much better!

Lunches have to be made. I hate making lunches! Now, it's over in 10 minutes because I'm too slack in the morning to get organised, yet hate being disorganised! It's far easier to pack it the night before when I have to be at work.

I never asked to work. I gave up my desire to teach a long time ago - in prayer I held it up to God and told Him I'd accept His decision about whether I ever returned to teaching. Some days it was an easy thing. Some days it was hard to do.

But through a miraculous and very clear set of circumstances, I now work alongside my own children at their school with an excellent staff cohort. God knows that I'd never put my children in day care to go back to work, so I have a job that is completely flexible around my husband's roster. I work with my own children.

I'm overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and goodness to me.

I can't believe how much working just one day a week has transformed me on the inside and out.

Working outside the home is not the answer for everyone and God knows that. He is the answer for us all. I hope we all can realise that.


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