Wrong Again, Mr Rudd

So, I have just viewed this video of last night's episode of Q&A. And you, of course, knowing how much of a fan I am of Kevin Rudd will know that I have a response to what I've just seen!

Let me start off by sharing my initial reaction to the video. Kevin Rudd comes across as arrogant and self-assured of his own ignorance. Brisbane Pastor Matt Prater is Daniel in the den of hungry and vicious lions. Q&A is well-known for it's ignorant Christian-bashing, so for Pastor Matt Prater to ask a question on the show is something that I believe should be praised. It's easy to voice your opinion with others who agree with you. It takes courage to face up to those whom you know will disagree passionately.

Now, to refute Mr Rudd's inaccurate and rather repetitive claims about homosexuality and SSM (Same-Sex Marriage).

Mr Rudd claimed that homosexuals and lesbians are born that way.
The evidence that people are born gay is wafer-thin. There are numerous studies that show identical twins where one is gay and the other is not. If there's a 'gay gene', then why don't identical twins share it? The truth is, no-one is born gay.

Mr Rudd spoke about the rights of two people who love each other having their union recognised legally.
What about the rights of children (who are demanded as part of the marriage 'package' by homosexuals) to a biological mum and dad? Who decides which parent they should miss out on? And also, if I love my brother, why can't I marry him? And hey - I'm attracted to Bill and Mary equally - why can't WE get married? What about our rights?

Once you make marriage about someone's so-called 'rights', you've lost the meaning of what it's all about in the first place. It then means absolutely nothing. Marriage isn't about rights: it's about sacrifice. Difficult, unselfish, straight-out putting your needs behind your spouse. In this case, I believe the rights of children trump the right of homosexuals to marry.

Ah, yes. The old 'slavery/don't eat shellfish/shave your beard' litany that all SSM advocates seem to find amusing.
NOWHERE in the Bible does it say slavery is natural or normal. Mr Rudd really should read the Bible sometime before telling Australia what it says! He should also investigate the culture and related systems to the culture from which the Bible was written. He would then discover that slaves in Hebrew times were paid and were bound under a contract to stay with their 'master'.

See Andrew Bolt's Blog for more details about Kevin Rudd's misquotation.

So what about not eating shellfish? What about shaving your beard? That's cultural stuff, to be honest. In Leviticus, no-one is executed for eating shellfish or shaving their beard. But engaging in homosexual activity? Yes, they were. HOWEVER (before people start jumping to conclusions that I'm saying homosexuals should be executed!!), Jesus came and fulfilled the law which says that we love the sinner, hate the sin.

I don't hate anyone. I'm a sinner, just as filthy as everyone else. But I believe that sin is not good for us - and that includes homosexuality, which is only referred to in negative terms in the Bible. The facts are that homosexuals suffer much more higher rates of syphilis and AIDS. They have a shorter life expectancy. Higher rates of suicide/depression. All of these rates are the same across places where homosexuality is encouraged and accepted: Sydney, Australia; Amsterdam, The Netherlands and San Francisco, USA. So it's not 'homophobia' that's causing this tragic epidemic. Rather, the lifestyle of homosexuals.

And by the way, those statistics come from PFLAG's (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) own research.

Mr Rudd says that the New Testament is about universal love for our fellow man.
The primary message of the New Testament is not grace and love. It's about Jesus and repenting from your sins.

Finally, Mr Rudd claims that he, in good Christian conscience, can't prohibit homosexual couples from marrying.
Well I, in good Christian conscience can't support letting people I love go about destroying their lives by engaging in homosexual sex. It's dangerous and risky. I simply can't sit by and allow God's precious creations defile themselves and harm themselves. I can't sit by and allow the rights of children be trampled on in the stampede of others claiming their 'rights'. I will never support it. I have a conscience and a brain - I read, find out the facts, pray and think very, very hard about big issues rather than follow the crowd.

I think Mr Rudd needs to read more, engage his brain and repent of his sin of twisting God's word to suit his own version of Christianity.


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