Yikes. Been a while since my last post that wasn't a book review!

Things have been absolutely crazy lately. My husband finally, finally sat Final Panel for his course last week and PASSED.....but still has more on-road work to do. So this means more time spent in Brisbane, which is going to be interesting with MY NEW JOB!!!! and all.

I went away with my MOPS friends in August to the MOPS Conference which was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It was on the Sunshine Coast, so we all lapped up the sunshine and the beautiful BEACH - I even ducked in for a quick swim! It was so awesome to get to know my friends better. I'm really finding out how important it is to have good friends!

Here's a pic my friend Rach took (not when I was heading in for a swim)......it was a beautiful day!

I've been up to my ears in snot, panadol, vitamin C, cold washers, used tissues and tears the past week - all of us have had the flu or a nasty cold. We're on the mend, but it wasn't the best homecoming for Ben on Saturday after his assessment to wind up nursing us all weekend!

Did you see that back up there, by the way? MY NEW JOB????

I have a contract as a teacher aide in a kindy. I'm STOKED and I'm loving it! God's worked out every little detail perfectly. I'm blown away by His generosity. It's awesome.


  1. If you need a babysitter for any little ones (even snotty ones) while Ben's in Bris and you're working, let me know.


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