Book Bub and the Literary Delights Within

We are happily at home more now......and have significantly fewer stressful times in our family. Hence, my need for my trademark Nanna Nap has dropped slightly.

To fill the gap because of course, I need my children to have some time apart quietly for an hour a day given that we're now together most of the time, I've taken to reading novels during rest time.

The local library is a great place, but the books that fit my criteria are far and few between on the shelves there.

A fellow book-addicted friend told me about 'Book Bub', which is a system you can subscribe to by email that sends you a daily list of low-cost or free e-books. You can manage your preferences so that only genres you are interested in will be sent to your inbox.

It's fair to say that I've been giving it a fair workout to feed my reading addiction!

Here's a list of books I've recently enjoyed on my kindle. Most were free, some I paid for - but never over about $1.50!

1. Port Aster Secrets by Sandra Orchard (Series) - this series (Deadly Devotion, Blind Trust and Desperate Measures) is a delicious mix of Christian mystery and romance based in the picturesque town of Port Aster in Canada. Sandra Orchard has a direct and fluent writing style, embellished with good dashes of wit and drama.

2. Welcome to Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong is a light, sweet story with a gritty edge. It's mostly romance, but has a fair dose of drama/suspense in there, too. It made a nice change for me, normally used to straight romance and historical romance.

3. The Vow by Kim Carpenter - a true story of devotion and love despite extremely difficult circumstances. This is a must-read for every Christian if you want to know what is involved in a godly marriage.

4. Submerged (Alaskan Courage Series) by Dani Pettrey is an at-times grim story of a girl who returns home after the death of her guardian and Aunt. Her reputation as a party girl has stuck and she has to face the man who's heart she broke in her teen years. Dani Pettrey writes really well! The hero has three siblings he lives with and I found it fascinating to read about their relationships with each other. It is a feature that not many stories include and I really loved the journey with the siblings throughout the novel. The shining moral of this story is that God can forgive anyone's past, no matter how sordid. It is beautifully done in a great setting of mystery/romance.

5. The Secret (Seasons of Grace series) by Beverly Lewis - excellent as usual. Heaps of drama, intrigue and beautiful Dutch-Amish culture. Love every single word!

6. Love Me If You Must (Patricia Amble Series) by Nicole Young is a very interesting novel, combining mysterious murders, house renovation, romance and intrigue. I enjoyed the writing style of Nicole Young but found the plot a little stretched for reality. If you're easily spooked, this is not a novel for you......but I was pleased to finally find a 'clean' thriller.

7. The Isaac Project by Sarah Monzon is a debut novel. It's the most sweet, fluffy, gorgeous story I've ever read. Totally unrealistic, but I found that I loved the heroine, Becky. She lives the life I'd love to have - on a farm, caring for horses mainly as well as other random pets. She's independent and fiercely loyal to her family. I loved her and she is the only reason I kept reading the novel! I enjoyed Sarah Monzon's simple writing style and once I overlooked the incredibly likeable, godly, sweet, devoted and totally unrealistic hero in a plot that was fairly thin and the confusing chapter-about narration by the hero and heroine, then I could enjoy the journey. Having said that.......I have to say that God spoke to me through this book about my own marriage. So I'm glad that I read it and sighed sweetly over the dashing romance. Plus, the hero's a fire fighter, reminding me of my own emergency service paramedic husband! Winner!

8. Coffee and a Beagle (Sweetlin Bakery Series) by Tish Davis. Avoid. Tish Davis has attempted to write very short romance stories for busy folk. I know. Doesn't make sense, does it?

9. First Dawn (Freedom's Path Series Book 1) by Judith Miller. A harrowing tale of post-slavery African-American families travelling to land they can own instead of rent from their former owners. Very real and raw - hard to put down!

10. Shattered Rose (Winsor Series Book 1) by Tammy L Gray is a very compelling journey through anxiety, bulimia nervosa, family trauma, university, alcoholism, fornication and ultimately, redemption. A very deep tale - definitely not a light read! I had to keep checking that it was a Christian novel because of the ungodly content, plot and the sometimes annoying mooning the heroine carries on with about her eventual 'villain', but I'm glad I did go on the journey with her and see her redeemed.

All of these novels are written by Christians, but I can't vouch for your particular preferences. If you prefer to stick to 'clean' novels, then stick with anything I've listed above without the mystery/thriller comment. If you're keen to read some stories about redemption that go beyond a corseted-up-independent-but-weak heroine, then go for the mystery/thriller novels listed. None of them contain sickening violence, graphic sex scenes, filthy language or drug use.

I've read more than ten novels, of course and I'll update you as I go. For now, if you're up for some reading on your kindle or e-reader, check out Book Bub ( for a daily email with bargain reads. Let me know what you find and what you're reading!


  1. Try "Rasberries and Vinegar" by Valerie Comer, I think you'll enjoy it. :)
    For a deeper story and some Old Testament themes try "The Lamp of Darkness" by Dave Mason
    "The Doctors Lady" by Judy Hedland is based on a true story. Highly recommend.
    "A Work in Progress" by Staci Stallings was a pleasant surprise. I think you will like this more than Shattered Rose.
    "A Cast of Stones" by Patrick W Carr, less traditionally Christian, but a very interesting story, a bit Irish. :)
    "Potluck Club" by Linda Evans Shepherd is a modern lighthearted look at church ladies. The recipes check out too. Love Lisa Leann's Cinnamon Scrolls.
    Happy reading!!


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