Sixteen weeks feels like one, right?

Well - I'm late. I know I said I'd post next week the pics from our trip to Melbourne........but better late than never, right?

So, the big question is: did I do all that my friend dared me to?

Well, no.

But I did read The Courier Mail in a swank cafĂ© - as pictured above.........and of course, it was easy to wear my Emily's Voice t-shirt around.

Did I ask a local about the lack of train from the airport to the city? YES - absolutely! He was very nice and said that I could catch a train, but it'd be a very long trip. He also said they're hoping to get a train line soon. I'm in the stripy dress - my husband was trying to be discreet about taking the pic!

The closest we got to Batman Avenue was when we sat by the Yarra with a romantic picnic dinner at about 8pm at night. It was while we were there that my facebook friends messaged saying that they were in Melbourne and able to catch up - at a suburb north of where we were near Batman Avenue, so we went......and never ended up back down near Batman Avenue.

Was I relieved that I didn't have to run down Batman Avenue singing the old-school Batman theme song?


As I suspected, Melbourne won my heart.

Beautiful city with loads of character.


We checked out the Victoria Markets, Brunetti (yum!), Lygon Street and the night life with my brother-in-law and his partner as well as much walking, walking, walking around.

It was a wonderful break and so exciting to actually fly somewhere (thanks, QANTAS Frequent Flyer points!).

The best part of the trip?

Well, I have two best bits.

Hanging out with my man:

.......and having the pleasure of meeting my facebook friends in person! They're absolute champions for Jesus in their part of the world and it was so encouraging to meet them.

Best. Trip. Ever.


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