From Exhausted-on-The-Couch Mama-land

How was your day today?

Mine was a blur of driving, party food, crying baby, spilled urine and shouted question-and-answers back and forth in the car over dirt roads and loud music.

Today, I was kept hopping at playgroup because it was a Christmas party because, you know, fifty pre-schoolers with party food, play time and craft. Hello, craziness!

Then when we finally got home, I decided to turn the routine on it's head and bring rest time forward to NOW and lunch LATER........which worked out well......

......until Miss Nature Girl (almost 7) and Miss Little Leader (5) decided to take 20 minutes to put on their leotards for dance rehearsal this afternoon. This meant that they missed lunch and had to eat it in the car. No big deal, right?


They decided today would be the perfect day (only days out from their dance concert on Saturday) to wear their stockings (they usually wear socks)......which means that Little Leader now has lunch-stained stockings because she had to eat her lunch in the car! Augh! I am going to be getting very friendly with a bar of soap later this week.......

Both girls had to wear co-ordinating outfits, meaning that Little Leader was wearing her Nature Girl's black leotard with the gusset hanging a few centimetres and Nature Girl was wearing Little Leader's pink leotard with the seat riding up her bottom and both were wearing boleros that are hand-me-downs that are way to big for them, but hey - they were matching and that's the main thing!

Edie (almost 1) is teething, so this afternoon she alternated between slurping on her fingers and having a mini-tantrum. Every. Five. Minutes.....on the way to drop Sparkles (10) at violin lesson and my PT....

Half-way through PT, Mr Man (12) - who is going through a 'I'm the parent' stage shouted from the car at Little Leader and Nature Girl that they "Weren't meant to have your shoes off, remember?"

They had decided to remove their shoes to play on the playground while I sweated out my squats and lunges which was fine, except they were wearing their dance stockings. Two humbled girls were sent off to the car to sit in their seats instead of playing..........

.........then Edie continued her tantruming for the 25-minute trip home for a toilet stop on the way to Jumping Jack's drum lesson. Little Leader chose this particular part of the journey to start asking when dance class started........and could I put on that pink CD with the yellow writing?..........and what's for dinner?...........and a zillion other little things that I really didn't feel were important. But clearly, she did.

I finally got to dance rehearsal drop-off (via dropping Jumping Jack off, the library and dropping past a friend's house briefly), only to get the girls into rehearsal, get The Hurricane and Edie back out to the car when The Hurricane stands in front of his car seat while my back is turned and announces, "Mum! Wees!"

Ahhhhh, yes.

In the busyness, I'd forgotten that he hasn't quite got the knack of recognising when he needs to go. It's my job to remind him and take him. But I didn't, despite that a toilet was right there when dropping the girls off.

Cue #mamafail

Loaded all our stuff into the car, including wet undies, wet pants and wet shoes.........ignoring the yellow fluid dripping from the car out onto the bitumen.....and drove home, only to have both Edie and The Hurricane fall asleep minutes from home.

I'm undone.

I'm sitting here now on the couch just......sitting.........and being still for a bit before I tackle what's become affectionately known in our house as 'rush hour'. It's been a good day. Just very, very full of mishaps!

I'll be OK.

But for now........there's a glass of sparkly mineral water calling my name and some zone-out time to be had.

If you'll excuse me............


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