Church and State Summit 2018

Last weekend, I attended this conference. There were many great speakers there, including former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson - all with the same message for Christians in Australia regarding politics:


If you believe and enjoy freedom of speech, religion and the right to conduct your life as you see fit in this Judeo-Christian culture, alarm bells are ringing.

It's time to do something about the ridiculousness in our political situation.

All speakers had the same things to say:

1. Sign up for newsletters from Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Family Association, Right to Life, Cherish Life, Emily's Voice and any other Christian newsletter or informative newsletter you can find so you know what is happening. I would also add to that the Friday Fax by Austin Ruse from C-FAM in the US who keeps an eye on the United Nations. What they're doing in the UN is truly terrifying.

2. Join a political party. You choose one. Do some research on their policies and JOIN. Then when the time comes to select candidates, exercise your votes. This is a numbers game and we need people to engage in politics to make it what it needs to be. Leaving gaps allows less-than-stellar candidates to be put forward and our politics takes a dive in standards (eg. see the last eleven years in politics from both sides - it's ridiculous!)

3. Educate your children. John Anderson, a very eloquent, intelligent and kind person mentioned that schools cannot be relied upon to teach your children about life and social skills like kindness, compassion and honesty. I would suggest you can do this by getting a good devotion and start reading the Bible and praying after meal times, at the very least.

4. Pray, pray, pray. Things are very dire in our society when children are taught that their gender is fluid and how to use a dildo and role-playing a prostitute or bi-sexual person (all in the curriculum for Year 8 children as part of the SSAFE Schools and Respectful Relationships program. We have allowed activists (and childless ones at that!) to get the government's ear and convince them to impose these programs to destroy families and childrens' innocence.

I'll be posting a summary of the speakers in the next few posts, so stand by for that. However, can I please plead with you to join a political party and have a say on what you think about our country and current affairs? It's so vitally important and the workers are few.


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