Samosas a la 'thrown-together'

So I took a risk today and bung together a rather slap-shod version of samosas. Have you ever had a samosa? They're a deliciously hot filled pastry, usually with vegetables and/or meat. The pastry is triangular in shape and two or three of them will give you a pretty decent feed.

I had a few decent veggies in the fridge, thanks to the amazing crew at Birdsong Market Garden. Plus, of course, puff pastry! I chopped up six stalks and leaves of chard (silverbeet), a small capsicum, five stalks of spring onions and a grated carrot. I chucked in some salt, pepper, tumeric and a curry blend to the veggies, left them overnight in the fridge.

Sparkles and I cut up the puff pastry sheets into four squares, put a spoon of the veggie mix in the middle and folded them over, sealing the edges with a fork. Sparkles brushed them with milk while I put the rest of the mix into filo pastry for the freezer for a quick meal another day!

Thirty minutes at 180C and we had some pockets of hot spicy veggies for the children to eat in the car today while visiting a friend on the way to the boys' youth club tonight. I was pretty nervous about how they'd go considering they were a rough idea.

However, they were a hit with even my fussiest eaters!

And no, I didn't get photos.......will try and get them next time we throw them together........which will be soon.


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