An Open Letter to Julia Gillard

So, I've had a think about this post. And after chatting with a brother in Christ, I've decided to remove most of the letter that I wrote to Julia Gillard. It had a bitter spirit and I regret it. I apologise.

However, I have realised that my issue with Julia Gillard is not just her government, but her claim that Tony Abbott is a misogynist. As a survivor of childhood abuse at the hands of a real misogynist, I am really upset about that. I've forgiven Ms Gillard and hold no grudge - but the fact remains that Tony Abbott is not a misogynist. That was the issue I was aiming to address.

So, here's an excerpt of my letter. This is the issue that rocked me more than any other with our Prime Minister.

"So much was made of you being a female. Our first female Prime Minister. But you are someone who has affairs with married men. That's not pro-woman. You support the brutal killing of unborn infants up until the day they're born - half of them female. That's not pro-woman. You pay extra allowances to mothers who choose to work that those of us who choose to stay home can't access. That's not entirely pro-woman.

And then, to cover your own mistakes and misjudgements, you call Mr Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition a misogynist. To complete the ultimate insult to married mums - you claim membership to a sadly increasing group of people; those like me who have suffered at the hands of a real misogynist.

You have been so blessed to have a mum and a dad who love you. I missed out on that blessing. But I choose to NOT be a victim of misogyny. I choose to live my life without reference to the way I have been harmed. The way you claimed suffering at the hands of a misogynist was frankly, one of the most insulting things I have ever seen.

When you made that claim of misogyny at the hands of a happily married father of three daughters, I, as a victim of real misogyny was shocked and thoroughly insulted."


  1. There are no words to describe how much I agree with you here! Brilliant.

  2. Thanks, Robyn. I believe JG is now a very real threat to the freedom of Australians. I just had to speak out! :)


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