Big Steps

We've taken a few big steps in our family lately!

Neve, who turned two late last month, toilet trained herself a week or so before her birthday. Yup. I didn't do a thing besides help her with her pants and undies and shriek with excitement when she actually did a wee in the potty! It's a relief to have one child easy to train after Denna and Joseph being a bit more difficult to train - for reasons that aren't necessarily their fault!

So that's exciting.

Joseph officially started kindy this year. He's almost four. He LOVES kindy and loves to learn. He's also started beatboxing. I kid you not. He's copied his Dad and now he walks around like a little rap artist, beating away using only his mouth. He does it without really thinking, so he stops whenever we take a video!

My eldest two children, Matthew and Denna are in the same class this year. I've decided, after a long period of not being sure how it'd go, to like it. I like that they've got each other in class and at lunch time. They're not alone - there are two other siblings in the same class as well! Matthew started drum lessons the other day and did well. Yes, I said DRUM lessons. We're not crazy enough to get a real kit, though. We're shopping around for a second-hand electric drum kit!

My beautiful Denna, my princess fairy ballerina who hates wearing shorts and getting dirty, is off to dance lessons this afternoon. She loves ballet so much that we've decided we can't not put her in lessons considering it's acutally not that expensive. She's been asking five times a day for the past week when she can start!

Lara's big step this week has been that she's looking ready to wiggle on her tummy a bit. It's a bit of a shock - all my previous four babies only crawled at nine months old (ish). And even then it was reluctantly, as if they were rolling their eyes and saying, "Oh, alright Mum and Dad......I'll learn to crawl. Just for you!" Lara's nowhere near crawling, but there's a heck of a lot of movement, raised legs and head and baby babble happening at the same time.

Big steps. Well, I guess they seem little, but looking back, it'll seem like such a short period of time. Next year I'll have three babies in school and two toddlers. Yikes. Time flies so fast!

My big step this year is FINALLY.....after close to twelve months, being able to clean the house in one day. Yep. That's my big life!! But seriously, I'm enjoying having a settled baby who sleeps. It feels awesome after two babies who didn't sleep well.

I always get a bit nervous when the year seems to be rolled out in front of me, so smooth and, well....easy! But it's nice while it lasts. Can't wait to see what God's got in store for 2013.

How's your start to the year going?


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