Days Like This....

I don't like days like this.

When you come home from school drop-offs to a few loads of wash to hang out and quite a few administrative tasks. You knock down all the jobs because the toddler goes for her nap early and the baby miraculously sleeps.

You manage to co-ordinate the baby, the toddler and lunch so that you score a whole hour of down time.

You feel good! Feeling confident, loving the hard work. You've done heaps of jobs and only have one thing left to do: prepare dinner.

After weighing up your great arvo rest (during which you can't sleep, but do manage to lie still) against the trauma of trying to cook dinner with five children swinging around your house, you decide to risk cooking dinner whilst the children are at home rather than race to prepare it before you pick them up from school.

Then it hits.

You arrive at school, get the toddler and baby out and carefully lock the car - leaving the boot wide open. Not just any boot - a gigantic van boot *sigh*

Your children love you so much that they're SO excited to see you and race ahead so you end up repeating their names fifty times just to keep them close so they don't run on the road.

Upon arriving home, everyone's in full silly mode.

You cook dinner while they squeal and yell and play up and down the house; back and forth. You serve them their dinner.

The toddler breaks a plate, spiling her dinner on the floor. The little boy wees his undies, pants and manages to get his shirt wet as well. They fight. The argue and throw things. They act like they don't hear you.

Suddenly, your wonderful 'I've got it together' bubble completely bursts and you just feel like throwing yourself on the floor in exhaustion and frustration.

You scurry around after four mobile little people, bathing, dressing, scrubbing teeth, washing up and doing things one-handed until you stop and realise.........

I've got a toothbrush in my bra.

It has gone that far. I'm so frazzled, busy, tired and frustrated that I can't even stop to store my child's toothbrush in the container on the bathroom bench.

That is me today.

I've got a toothbrush in my bra.


  1. You described it perfectly! :)

  2. sorry, I just had to laugh..... never have I ever thought to store a toothbrush in my bra! hope your day is wonderful tomorrow and you all get a great night's sleep tonight! hugs!


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